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  1. dustybob

    Bumper Templates / Plans

    I've searched around and tried to find some bumper plans / blueprints and found a few people flamed for asking for such. And I agree, if someone or a company has done their work they should be compensated for it, not ripped off. Here's the deal, I'm not asking to steal anyone's plans. I'd...
  2. dustybob

    How do I keep my coils from falling out???

    So generally every question I ever have I can find an answer for by doing some searching... However I haven't found many answers to my current problem. How do I keep my coils from falling out?? I have tons of flex which is awesome... But my coils fall out frequently on the trails that I've been...
  3. dustybob

    33 Duratracs For Trade?

    Anyone interested in trading tires? I've got some fairly new (4) Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs 33x12.50x15 tires. I'd like to trade for a decent set of 35s. If the trade is right I would be open to trade rims too. Mine are 15x8 black steels. Let me know what ya have to trade! I'm in Roseville...