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  1. BlueRockRash

    WTB: front shocks 24 to 25 inches

    Anyone have some front shocks for sale? i broke a post on mine trying to tighten the bushing down... Fully exteneded they need to be around 24 or 25 inches long
  2. BlueRockRash

    LaBaron hood vents 80 obo

  3. BlueRockRash

    Super duty 05 + Dana 60 questions

    For those that have used one of these axles for their XJ. I am wondering the build cost.. and what you bought for it for steering, knuckles, what hubs, rims adapters.. I know they run the 8 on 170mm pattern.. I have a 14 bolt for my rear end which is 8x6.5 pattern..
  4. BlueRockRash

    BlueRockRash's DD XJ Build

    Picked this jeep up for 600 dollars has some engine noise I'm hoping it's the fly wheel it's a 96 with 235k has a bunch of new parts and the body is super straight... planning on keeping it smaller 31 to 32 inch tires small lift.... first thing is getting this noise fixed.... I will get some...
  5. BlueRockRash

    Timken wheel hub brand new $70

    Bought this and never got to install it before the jeep went on jack stands
  6. BlueRockRash

    4 35 MTRs on d window steelies 5x4.5 900 obo

    Have great tread with some chunks missing normal from rocks just going bigger would like to keep together.. 900 obo
  7. BlueRockRash

    1 Ton Blue XJ

    i wanted to start a build thread for my jeep now that its getting tons swapped into it... well i had a rough rubicon run memorial day and stripped out my dana 30 pinion. i was on 4.88 gears and gave it a little to much skinny pedal up soup bowl and over the hole trip actually.. the pinion...
  8. BlueRockRash

    Anyone good with wiring for the dash?

    after my jeep sat for a while i started her up and my speedometer tach and gas gauge aren't working. does anyone have any tips or can help me out get the wiring working?? electricity isn't my specialty
  9. BlueRockRash

    WTB Dana 30 knuckles

    Both of my knuckles caliper bolt holes are stripped anyone got some for sale?
  10. BlueRockRash

    4 Stock Cherokee fender flairs rear drive line

    I have used black fender flares i got them in a trade i want 50 for the set they are all in good condition no cracks and all the mounts still there.. i also have a rear drive shaft with a slip yoke that needs new u joints for 20. Calll or text for pics 916 541 5868 David Citrus Heights
  11. BlueRockRash

    need someones help

    So I recently paid someone to install my gears and locker and he didn't install them right. I drove it home from his house and the pins in my lock rite all broke in half. So I tore the front end apart and I have it all apart on a table and I have new pins . I was wondering if anyone could come...
  12. BlueRockRash

    C8.25 27 spline $70 (Sac area)

    out of my 94 sport i swapped axles and i am tired of tripping on it needs new drum brakes its 3.55 open. i also have a dana 30 carrier and 3.55 ring and pinion that is free to who wants it
  13. BlueRockRash

    need to buy a new carrier for my dana 30

    I have 3.55s in my dana 30 i have the 4.88s i read i need a new carrier to hold the lower gears.... There is an option for loaded and unloaded what is the difference?
  14. BlueRockRash

    black steel rim 15x8 40 one rim

    For sale 40 bucks minor rock rash but good condition The look like these
  15. BlueRockRash

    pc today around 12

    Gonna head out with some buddies today maybe see someone out there
  16. BlueRockRash

    For sale or trade 33 12.5 15 inch KM2 on Crager Soft 8s

    I bought the tires 2 years ago at americas tires under 10000 miles on them no patches or plugs 90 tread left. I want some 35s so maybe trade with cash or straight trade or sale. im thinking 700 with the rims
  17. BlueRockRash

    where is good snow trails around sac within an hour

    I'm trying to go snow wheeling today with my buddy's today where are some good trails
  18. BlueRockRash

    Replacing metal Tranny lines with rubber hose

    My jeeps tranny lines where rubbing together and now it leaks how i do change the line i am thinking cut the holy park and slip a 3 inch rubber hose on and clamp it. It is in a straight part of the line
  19. BlueRockRash

    Need to drop my tranny... (help tips)

    I believe my front seal is leaking on my tranny i have the aw4. the rear main seal has always leaked and i need to install a SYE. I have to drop the transfer case to pull the tranny. And wont it be easier to do the rear main seal with the tranny dropped? anything else i can/or should change...
  20. BlueRockRash

    Check this thing out!!!!!