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    Anyone in Ridgecrest area?

    Just seeing if there's any Naxja guys in Ridgecrest. Should be moving down soon. Been down here playing on the trails in my 2wd truck. Once I get the jeep down here in a couple months could use some advice/guidance on trails.
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    XJ bucket seats - $40 - good condition

    Have some very clean bucket seats for an XJ. They are the seats only, don't have the mounting brackets, so you need to reuse your brackets. One of themy had a Crack in the pan weld, so I welded it back a year ago or so. Was using these in my right until I got some suspension seats. $40 for both.
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    WTB dana 44 or Dana 60 front axle

    Looking for a dana 44 or 60 front axle. Hoping to find one that's setup for an XJ already to eliminate the need for doing as much work, but open to others if the price is right. So who's got an extra axle laying around? Saw one from an XJ in SF craigslist last week, but the ad expired...
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    WTB: 97+ front seats

    The seats in my 88 dont have near enough support for my jacked up back. I bought them last year, and they're near mint out of a newer model, but I need to try the 97+ seats. Anyone have a decent set? Prefer tan, but will do other colors. In Sacramento. Let me know what you have and how much.
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    Rigs in paradise

    Anyone here from Paradise, CA? Was up there last weekend and saw a white (or was it black) XJ on what looked like 42s or something big. Nice rig. Was parked out front of some repair shop there. Wondering if it's any of y'alls rigs.
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    D35 4.88s, non c-clip, LSD $160

    Dana 35 from 88 xj. 4.88 gears installed by West coast diff, traclok (I believe) LSD. Non c-clip. Does not have brake backing plates or brakes, just swap the ones from your axle, and you're good to go. Never broke anything in it, wheeled the Con a bunch. I'm easy on it and my buddy who I...
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    Trails in Genoa, minden, NV

    I'm in Genoa, NV for a few days. Any good trails leading to ghost towns, etc around here that are worth seeing. I've explored all over VC, and farther away, not so much around here.
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    Dana 35, 4.88s, TracLok, NON C-Clip

    I have a Dana 35 with: 4.88s, a TracLok LSD Non C-clip! Keep your wheels where they belong. Never broken anything on the trail (or street) Gears installed/setup by West Coast Diff years back. Does not have brakes or backing plates. Either take off of your D35, or get backing plates from PnP...
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    33" BFG MT KM2 set of 4 plus spare

    I have 4 33x12.50r15 BFG M/T km2's for sale in Rancho Cordova, plus 1 spare older MT in old condition. Real low mileage, probably around 5k. They were basically new when I bought jeep in february, and I've put on 4-5k since. 3 are great, 1 had a sidewall puncture that was patched. Holds air...
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    Want to trade steel bumpers

    I've got a nice steel bumper I want to trade. My future plans are to put a tire carrier on it, but this won't work for the design I plan on doing. My bumper tapers in under the tail lights on each corner. It's nice thick steel, maybe 1/4". Not sure of the brand. I need one that goes straight...
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    Transfer case problem? Help diagnose weird ping noise

    1988 XJ with NP242 and auto trans. I was wheeling this weekend and I got some crazy noise when it was under a lot of load. Watch video to see example after I put it in reverse it makes a loud ping. Specs": d44 rear with Trac lok, 4.88 gears, d30 with lock rite, np242, auto trans. It was doing...
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    Gonzo the XJ Wagoneer build thread

    Meet Gonzo, the 1988 Cherokee Wagoneer. Gonzo started his transformation about 10 years ago with my buddy. I picked up Gonzo in February. My buddy built him over the years but eventually lost interest and passed him along to me. Before I got him he already had quite a bit of work done: Rubicon...
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    Will JK locker fit in XJ Dana 44?

    Will a detroit locker from a non-rubicon JK work in my XJ dana 44?