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  1. dave81687

    tj t case

    I have a 99 xj and was wondering if a 97 tj case will fit and is $350 to much?
  2. dave81687

    dana 300 pros/cons

    I'm thinkin about swapin to a Dana300. Just wanted to know some opinions or pros and cons. Any imformation on this would help. thnx Dave
  3. dave81687

    HO or not the HO?

    How can you tell if you have the HO motor?
  4. dave81687

    aussie locker up front????

    Got a 8.8 and Dana 30. Both have stock shafts. 8.8 had factory limited slip, which is almost useless on the rocks. Dana 30 is open. Should I Aussie the front or rear? If I do the front it'll have to pull me up spots where the rear fails putting more stress on those shafts or Aussie the rear...
  5. dave81687

    uptade on 4.88

    Got the 8.8 in and finally got the 4.88's done. It runs way better and wheels smoother. Very happy with the decision. Buuuuttttt, stupid xjsean beat me head to head ane he has 4.56 with 36's. Soooo I wanna punch him rven more now but what can ya do? Haha
  6. dave81687

    8.8 swap today/ quick question.

    I no i could search it. But does the yoke from an 8.25 fit a 8.8? If not whats the solution?
  7. dave81687

    advice/tips on transfer case

    I have 1999 Cherokee with a tcase that keeps poppin out of 4L. Was wondering if anyone had an extra tcase for sell, even better one with 4 to 1 gearing. It needs to have SYE also. Or advice on what's goin on. Bad forks? Thank you
  8. dave81687

    new to forum, have a few questions

    Ok first, how strong would you say the factory locker is in an 8.8 with 35's? Also, my brakes suck. Are there any upgrades you can do while keeping it cheapish? Also I've heard a Dakota.steering box bolts up to a factory xj and it does improve. Is this true? I own a 99 xj.