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    WTB: Used 4.0 for a 4.6 Stroker Build

    Anybody have a spare 4.0 engine for sale? 1.) Looking for a 1991 to 1998 engine, and a used short block is fine, but a cylinder head would be a plus. 2.) Would also like to have a RENIX 4.0 block. (1987 to 1990, i think...) 3.) Last item, anyone have a crankshaft from a 4.2L Jeep or AMC...
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    WTB - Bumpers, Winch, Locker

    Howdy - Sure could use a bumper or two. Also need a winch. Lunch-box lockers would be cool too... I have some alloy wheels with good rubber for trade if that lowers the price, then let's make a deal. Just put my stock wheels and tires up on Craig's List.... You guys get a deal, and all...
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    Speedo corrections for 32" Mudders

    Howdy - I am a noobie, and just seem to have created a speedometer problem on the '95 XJ with 3.55 gears... The new 285-70R17 tires are 32" tall, and look about the same size as a 32x11.50, and are inches taller than the old 225-75r15 tires that I took off. What are the good options for...
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    4 quarts of type F - Transmission Experiment

    Howdy - Drained out the tranny fluid today on the '95 XJ, and it smelled like varnish and had a dark brown burnt tinge to it... :sunshine: Grampa says when an automatic starts to burn up, just change the fuild 4 quarts at a time and pray. All I had was some Penzoil Type-F, so I popped in 4...