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  1. SeansXJ

    Ebay 3 core aluminum radiator/dual fan setup

    Not so much modified or OEM tech....figured it would be ok here. I stumbled across some 3 core aluminum radiators with dual 10" fans for like $200....seen they have different fan colors and that kinda gave me the cheap feeling about them....can't seem to find any reviews either...
  2. SeansXJ

    Prairie City on Saturday

    A few of us will be out at Prairie City on Saturday. If you're not doing anything come on out. Sean
  3. SeansXJ

    have a facebook?

    Come join me and a bunch of local Northern California XJ owners at "NorCal Jeep Cherokee club" there are a few guys off NAXJA on there also.....just search for the page on FB. Hope to see some of you guys join us. Sean
  4. SeansXJ

    Prairie City 11/23

    Who's all planning on coming out? Lets get a head count on here.
  5. SeansXJ

    7/8 heim steering bolt length?

    Anyone mind sharing the lengths on the bolts. Im away from my rig and I plan on hitting the hardware store on my way home.... im going to be running RuffStuffs kit on my 30 with stock knuckles drilled out. Thanks! Sean
  6. SeansXJ

    RE 6.5" Long Arms

    Lowers only located in Sacramento $175 black letter $150 red letter In great condition the joints are tight.
  7. SeansXJ

    Rubicon memorial weekend?

    Long time no post! So who's down? :)
  8. SeansXJ

    RE 4.5" Coils

    just seeing if these grab any in Sac....not sure on a price make me a fair offer.
  9. SeansXJ

    so who is gonna make this Rubicon trip reality?

    heard you Colorado boys wanna come to Cali and run the Rubicon.....come on over!! lets make this trip happen!
  10. SeansXJ

    Fordyce trail/Bowman lake trip 6/1-6/3

    Ill be leaving sac around 6pm ....first real wheelin trip this year unfortunately. Work is going to fawking drag on today!! oh man I can't wait to breath that mountain air, how I miss thee! :)
  11. SeansXJ

    so whats the food situation up here?

    are we chipping in?....feed yourself?....Im planning on bringing a decent sized BBQ for camp I don't mind Q'n it up :)
  12. SeansXJ

    Found SOME snow on Mormon Imagrant trail

    roughly 10-12 miles up, not much but there is some to play in...lots of ice also made it interesting lol...tons of rigs up there cruising around. I went up there solo so I played smart. kids had fun
  13. SeansXJ

    (2) 35x12.50x15 MT/r Kevlars

    these have 30-35% left no plugs or patches asking $40 each for NAXJA members red or black...I can't hate cause im still black :)
  14. SeansXJ

    need some ideas on things to do in Frisco with the lady

    My girl wants to go to Frisco for her Bday a room for a few days at the Opal (looks like a classy place)...guess I could do Alcatraz?....maybe a day spa thing for her....but im trying to find some cool stuff to do out there, good eats, etc.......any ideas? thanks Sean
  15. SeansXJ

    (2) 315/75/16 GY MT/Rs

    asking $50 a piece or $80 for the set no plugs or patches
  16. SeansXJ

    Ice House 12/3-4?

    Headed up in two weekends to play in the white stuff...who wants to Join? here are a few shots from our last get together just to get the blood flowing :) dates are off...these are all from last winter
  17. SeansXJ

    Aussie locker 8.25 replacement

    I have a aussie locker in the 8.25. I am replacing the spring and pin kit but i cant seem to figure out how to get the c-clips off of the axles. It seems to me that there is a spacer or cover over the clips inside of the aussie locker. I cant figure pout how to pull the axles after the aussie...
  18. SeansXJ

    Renix style radiator

    in almost new condition...asking $40
  19. SeansXJ

    '96 Brake booster/master

    asking $ just fine.
  20. SeansXJ

    HP dana 30 3.55 gears

    anyone need one? ...getting ready to swap axles figured id post here and see if a fellow XJer is in the market for one.