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    Adjustable lower arms

    Ruff country single adjustable lower arms. Bushings and joint in excellent condition... Located in Sacramento, $80.00obo. [/URL][/IMG]
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    99 4dr linked on 40's

    After the progression of my last xj into a buggy, once again like the multi times I've done this, I'm back to building a full body rig again. Picked up a 2wd one owner 99 for $900.00. Every service done on the rig through the dealer it was bought from. Originally the plan was a small stretch...
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    4.5 re coils

    New 4.5" Rubicon express coils. $120.00
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    Pair of 1.75 .120 sliders, 62" overall length. Legs not attached, but pre notched, $200.00
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    bilstein 5125's

    Brand new 14" bilstein 5125's, $140.00
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    complete 3" lift

    3" zone lift kit, coils, leafs, shocks, u bolts and plates, swaybar, stock steering with new stabilizer and new jks adjustable trackbar. Lift is around a year old, all street driven miles. $400.00
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    foa 2.5 16's

    Foa 2.5 remote res 16's. Shocks are a few years old, only used as mock up. $200.00 firm
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    37" km2's

    4- 37×12.5-17 bfg km2's, 45-50% tread, one tire has surface cut on sidewall. $600.00obo
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    2wd straight axle

    Complete 2wd straight axle from a 99. All stock parts still attached and in good condition. Located in Sacramento, $100.00
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    4 seater buggy

    4 seater chassis with 4.6 inline 6 stroker. (Will need trans, tcase, tabbed for panels and all panels, a few rear roof tubes, steering cooler, calipers, rad hoses, pass seat and rear seat to be complete). 112"wb with 36" lower links, mixture of 1.75 .120 dom and hrew, new griffen 19x24 radiator...
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    pro comp boxed lower front arms

    Have a couple pairs of pro comp #55200 boxed lower arms 16.5 eye to eye from 4" lifts. Both sets need bushings, $100.00 per pair. Located in Natomas.
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    synthetic winch line

    New amsteel 3/8-120' silver synthetic winch line. It was spooled up on my winch and pulled back off. 300.00 firm
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    PS Pump

    New, not a reman power steering pump from car quest, no reservoir. I used for mockup and went with a different p pump instead . Located in Natomas, $40.00
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    FOA shocks

    16" 2.5 smooth body remote res foa shocks. Recently rebuilt, high temp seals, located in Natomas $300.00
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    roller fairlead

    Used warn roller fairlead, located in natomas, $20.00
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    fox 2.0x11 remote res shocks

    Fox 2.0x11 blue anodized ends smooth body remote res shocks. One of the shocks needs a new spherical bearing. Other than that they are in good shape. Located in natomas, $150.00 for the pair.
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    Dana 300

    Rebuilt Dana 300, Novak twin sticks, stock ratio and outputs. 450.00
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    csf radiator/ dual 11" fan setup

    Basically new csf 3 row rad with dual bosch 11" fan from a audi. Unknown cfm on fans, but on the trail with a 180 stat, it stayed at 180... one of the tubes on the rad got a small cut when i was fitting the shroud, so it was fixed by a shop. Rad was installed a few weeks before cutting my rig up...
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    Brake master/booster

    Used Master/Booster setup off 95 xj. Master was on the rig for a month , booster is a couple years old. 20.00 for the setup...
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    used brown dog mouns

    Used 91 on up xj brown dog mounts w/poly bushings 40.00