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  1. Spawn 93

    ISO: 1997 or 1998 Steering Wheel w/cruise

    May be a stretch, but I hope I get lucky. I'll pay for shipping, and it doesn't have to be grey. Need the airbag assembly too. Again, maybe a shot in the dark.... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Spawn 93

    Project Black Betty

    Well, Heather and I brought home another misfit XJ last night. 1998 XJ 4.0 2WD AUTO PW, PDL It has a set of 18 inch Dodge Nitro wheels on it right now. I know, 18's.... but they don't look too bad really. The tires are bald, but the P/O also left a set of stock snowflakes with some Hankook...
  3. Spawn 93

    1988 MJ Driver door latch interchangeability

    Need to know what driver door latch will work on my 8i manche. As in I have a 94 XJ that I am slowly stripping parts off of....
  4. Spawn 93

    FALL FLOG 2019

    Anyone in here interested in wheeling in November? Maybe Windrock, Harlan, other suggestions. Ideas needed/wanted. I'll leave this here for a little while, also going to cross post on Facebook.
  5. Spawn 93

    Fall Flog discussion

    In an effort to clean up the Crawl discussion thread, here's a spot to discuss reviving the Flog. Or adding a new Spring event. Or managing to get more people wheeling together.
  6. Spawn 93

    Wheeling November 17th Wishbone Ranch

    This is my local park. Smaller in size, but has a large variety of trails and obstacles. Just outside Bowling Green, KY. Anybody wants to come out and wheel, HIT ME UP!!!!
  7. Spawn 93

    About Me: Brian "Spawn 93" Thurston

    My name is Brian "Spawn 93" Thurston, and I would like your vote for SEC Vice President on the 15th. About me: I'm 36, I am an EMT-B, I took an early retirement from the Army and Tennesee National Guard after 15 years of service and 3 tours in Iraq. I have 2 amazing children who have inherited...
  8. Spawn 93

    Steering Intermediate Shaft

    Anybody have one? Not sure if they are year specific or 2wd/4wd specific, but it's a 1994 2wd.
  9. Spawn 93

    Hurricane Flo Relief

    Just wanted to let everyone know I am in NC working for FEMA during relief efforts. Anybody needs anything, let me know. Stay safe during the flooding that is still ongoing.
  10. Spawn 93

    Wishbone Ranch SAT OCT 20

    Looks like the Wishbone Ranch in Bowling Green will be open the weekend of 10/20 - 10/21. As of right now I plan on going if anyone is interested. I'll keep this updated as the dates get closer.
  11. Spawn 93

    91 XJ 4.0 NO Start

    91 XJ. 4.0. Engine turns over, does not run. Put a little gas in it, not alot in anticipation of a possible fuel pump issue. New plugs, wires, cap, and button. Did have an injector wiring connector broken, has been fixed. New battery. Working in the driveway. 1. With turning the key on, should...
  12. Spawn 93

    Engine swap procedures

    I know it has probably been covered, but searching on my phone is a crap shoot at best. Swapping a 4.0 with a 4.0, so should be straight forward. Even got ahold of an engine from a 99 to put into my 99. Any special tips or tricks? Things to remember / watch for? Should I pull engine and trans...
  13. Spawn 93

    ISO 97-99 4.0 engine

    Title says it, might have bought a new to me XJ. The guy claims there is a hole in the block. Going to check it out today.
  14. Spawn 93

    Will there be a Flog??

    Anybody?? Any interest?? Would love to hit Golden Mountain, Morris Mountain, Windrock, anywhere...... Maybe late October, or sometime in November? Or August/September. Or just dying to go wheeling again!
  15. Spawn 93

    A/C works at first... then goes away

    99 Limited 4.0 Start Jeep up, turn on A/C. Jeep gets cold, drive out to the end of my road and come to a stop. A/C stops blowing cold. Sometimes makes it to the stoplight a mile away before this happens. Usually never blows cold again that day. Sometimes works the next day. Caveat- I have not...
  16. Spawn 93

    98 and up 231 shifter setup needed

    Title says it, need a 231 shifter setup. Let me know what you got.
  17. Spawn 93

    Hey y'all!

    Just wanted to say hi! Just paid a new membership too.
  18. Spawn 93

    Needing a couple things.

    Anybody have an AW4 and/ or a NP231 for a 97 & Up? Kinda cheap?
  19. Spawn 93

    A little early for this......

    When and where is the Flog????
  20. Spawn 93

    Needed: Passenger Tail Light

    I need a passneger tail light for my 93. Anybody have one??? Willing to part with it?? Thanks, Brian