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  1. Vanimal

    WTB: dana 30 housing

    I need a HP non disconnect dana 30 housing. local to San Diego prefered. I don't need anything but the housing and bearing caps, but i will take a complete axle if the price is right. Let me know what you got!
  2. Vanimal

    JL Audio Vantage XJ cubbie subwoofer enclosure

    I have a JL Audio Vantage 10" sub enclosure for sale. Just the box, no sub. It fits in the small cubbie in the rear passenger side of the XJ quarter panel. It's made of pretty thick plastic and it's in decent shape with only some light scratches. $100 and i can deliver to goatfest
  3. Vanimal


  4. Vanimal

    outlaw 2 wheels

    i have a set of outlaw II aluminum wheels for sale. 15x8", 3.5"ish backspacing. 5x4.5. they are painted black... no idea on the condition under the paint. currently on my jeep, i'm ordering a replacement set this week. $150 firm. $35 of the sale goes back to the club for membership.
  5. Vanimal

    rubicon express track bar and misc steering and brake parts

    I'm doing a WJ swap and i'll have all my old stuff for sale. Here's the list. Any purchase at asking price renews my membership. Take that how you want lol Rubicon Express HD track bar. bushings are about a year old or so. $80 newish unit bearing (off of a 93). it's got about a month on it...
  6. Vanimal

    spartan locker crosspin

    anyone know if i can use a stock crosspin in a dana 30 spartan locker? mine is broken and i need it going by tomorrow
  7. Vanimal

    WTB: winch

    I'm looking for a winch, preferably with a synthetic rope. approx 9500lbs will do.
  8. Vanimal

    caravan to socalfest?

    Anyone want to caravan together to Socalfest tomorrow? I'll be leaving Temecula around 5-6pm Friday. I'll probably just cruise to save some gas...70-75mph
  9. Vanimal

    brand new remote 12" res shocks

    I have a set of brand new pro comp MX6 adjustable shocks for sale. they are 12" travel and about 34" extended eye to eye. They have a remote res and have a lifetime no questions asked lifetime warranty (hence why they are brand new, i exchanged them at 4wp). I was going to use them on my zj...
  10. Vanimal

    WTB: zj front driveshaft

    I'm in need of a ZJ front driveshaft. It will probably need to be from a 93-95 v8 4wd. I need it to be about 34" compressed. Thanks!
  11. Vanimal

    93 zj 46rh, torque converter wont lock

    I have a 93 zj with the 5.2 and 46rh trans. When i got the thing, the torque converter wouldn't lock. I replaced it as well as rebuilt the valve body and installed a transgo kit that fixes all the little issues that these trannys supposedly have. During install, i found the 3-4 accumulator...
  12. Vanimal

    renix era unit bearings

    reinix unit bearings. these are only good for older xj's with the 2 piece knuckles. pre 90, maybe even older. not sure of the year split definitely wont fit 91+ knuckles. I think i have 2 or 3 of these laying around, in good usable shape. give me some beer for all of them if you're red letter...
  13. Vanimal

    stock length bilstein shocks

    i have some stock length bilstein shocks for sale. they are about 8" of travel i think. they are the yellow ones with the blue boots, in very good condition, fairly new. came off my zj so the fronts should fit on an xj no problem, but the rears may just need a bar pin on the top to work, which...
  14. Vanimal

    tomken front lift springs, tj rear 6" lift springs, and lockright dana 30 locker

    i have tomken springs for an xj for sale. probably 4.5" of lift. these are well used and have been though a few member's hands here so i'll let them go cheap to another member. $30 for red letters also have a set of tj rear full traction 6" lift springs. like new. $60 for red letters. dana 30...
  15. Vanimal

    wtb: front springs

    i need some springs for my zj. apparently it's heavy as hell and the springs i have wont work. So i need either some 4.5-5.5 zj lift springs, or 5.5-7" xj springs. Just for the front. Anyone got any?
  16. Vanimal

    WTB: shocks

    i need some shocks. nothing too fancy, just something the right length will do for now. I need fronts and rears, 12"ish of travel.
  17. Vanimal

    WTB dana 30, preferably 4.10's., 8.8 locker, and control arms or joints

    I figured i'd start a new list since i pretty much got everything in the title of my old list. I'm looking for a hp d30 housing, non disconnect with preferably 4.10 gears, but depending on the price i may be ok with different ratios. I only really need the housing, gears, shafts, and carrier...
  18. Vanimal

    curtis 80 gallon air compressor

    I have an 80 gallon Curtis air compressor for sale. It's a 2 stage, 3 cylinder, 5hp 220v single phase. This is an American made compressor, not home depot or sears junk. It's approx $3k new. It's in good condition and comes with approximately a 20 foot heavy duty cord and plug. Asking $1k. Will...
  19. Vanimal

    WTB: 33" tires and rims, ZJ lift kit, locker, np231 transfer case

    im looking for some 33" MT's of some sort, on aftermarket rims. Preferably aluminum. xj/zj lug pattern. No junk, decent tires only. Also looking for lift components (4-5") for a zj, and a lunchbox locker for a d30. Lastly, looking for a np231, preferably with an SYE. cash in hand.
  20. Vanimal

    possibly looking for another heep.

    i'm thinking about getting another heep. either something with a mild build (4" of lift, 33's, etc), or stock. preferably 91-99. must be 4wd 6cl, auto or manual. some minor work needed is ok. cheap is key.