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  1. tkjeeper

    Another NSS Question

    I've read and understand the normal NSS problems and solutions. Here's my issue. The regular, wont start regularly in Park. Inconsistent reverse lights. The difference for me is I was in a spot when putting this 1998 Cherokee on the road, needed it fast and HAD to allow my mechanic to...
  2. tkjeeper

    Multi meter reading help

    Hate to do this, I've been absent for so long and I think this is a newb question. Please go easy on me. My 98 cherokee, which happens to reside at university with my daughter now, had a gauge issue this weekend. I cleaned the battery terminals, didn't help. It was registering properly on my...
  3. tkjeeper


    Yep, I leave the jeep at my work occasionally and bring the work truck home, I found out last night that fuel thieves torched the two cube vans at work, a tractor trailer that was used for storage, My 93 sport, I have been so busy with kids soccer, grads, and life that I...
  4. tkjeeper

    dual battery problem

    Hi all, man I haven't been around in a long time. Long story as short as possible. I have a dual battery system hooked up to a battery separator. Starting battery in the cabin area, its a optimum type battery, connected to the separator in the engine compartment where the accessory battery is...
  5. tkjeeper

    Nice Compound Bow Package

    Already got screwed on an ebay purchase, it broke on my first pull. I'm new to hunting but I'm looking to get into it and would like to start with compound bow. $ is a serious limitation so I'm looking for something to get me started thats in good shape for under $200.
  6. tkjeeper

    The First XJ?

    Hope this hasn't been posted yet, if so sorry.
  7. tkjeeper

    Complete Guage Replacement?

    I have searched. Has anyone done a complete swap of all the gauges? I'm thinking of maybe autometer gauges. I've done the white background and am tired of it. I've never found a write up of anyone doing this. Love to see pics if anyone has.
  8. tkjeeper

    Minor trouble shifting OUT of 4wd

    Like it says, I've never had a problem before but recently have been having trouble shifting OUT of 4hi back to 2hi. 93 auto, 231 tcase. I've so far been able to get it back into 2wd but it takes some time. I seem to have no problem shifting into 4wd, and even tried 4lo just to be sure, and yes...
  9. tkjeeper

    Looking for a bullet proof watch.

    Hey everyone. I'd like to treat myself to a nice watch this Christmas. Sort of my congrats to myself for 20 yrs of nonstop working, every pay going to my family, I'm sure many can relate. I have been surfing for days trying to find a tough, milspec(whatever that means nowadays), watch that I...
  10. tkjeeper

    end of my rope with fuel gauge

    I've tried everything. Fuel gauge on my 93 xj hasn't worked for several years. I thought I was going to get to the bottom of it this summer. Please read carefully so we avoid unnecessary answers. Fuel gauge jumps on start up, but as soon as running drops to empty and empty light comes on and...
  11. tkjeeper

    gas gauge still.....

    Been working on this, not too hard obviously, for 4 years. Oh, it's a 93 auto 4.0. My gas gauge is always on E, now I know there's power at the gauge because the empty light is on. I finally got a donor fuel pump assembly. I removed the old one and sure enough a few checks with the dmm proved...
  12. tkjeeper

    taurus fan mod needed, GO-JEEP? help...

    I've done the go-jeep taurus fan swap, love it, never overheat. Problem is I'm thinking now after the fact that I need to reconnect the auto feature like stock. I thought Marcus had this in his write up but can't find it now. I have a 2 position switch for low and hi. I would like to reconnect...
  13. tkjeeper

    xj sound bar

    Love to have one
  14. tkjeeper

    zj brake upgrade advice please

    Have a chance to get parts from a 1994 zj, 5.2. Does anyone know if the brake booster and master is an upgrade from this year zj? I know the 98+ zj is bonafide but anyone have any info on this? While were at it has anyone swapped this engine into an xj? Can get the motor cheap too but not sure...
  15. tkjeeper

    242 into a 231 swap questions

    I was hoping to swap my 242 from my 87 xj into my dd which is a 93 xj. I've done a lot of research so I dont need any thread links unless they answer this specific question. I have a post 91 231 as a spare so I could swap the input gear into the 242 in shop and have no down time for the dd...
  16. tkjeeper

    rear d44 carrier bearing removal

    I know there is a $3-400 tool for this, I dont want to pay that, anyone have a good way of doing this without ruining the shims? I searched and searched, no luck. Please help.
  17. tkjeeper

    I'm in LOVE!

    What do you all think of this?
  18. tkjeeper

    No front parking lights

    Just noticed tonight I have no front running or parking lights, the rears work fine and the headlights are fine as well as the flashers. I do have the H4 conversion but shouldn't matter. I wasn't aware of a separation in the lights, why would I have no front and yet rear is fine? 93 xj, as I...
  19. tkjeeper

    anyone heard of these tires?

    Armstrong Norseman tredloc. Anyone have any pics, looking at a used set. Any opinions on them. I understand they are not around anymore, and may be the old Mickey Thompsons? I would love some feedback on this. I do mostly pavement with the occasional trail run, oh and don't forget I up North...
  20. tkjeeper

    Suggest a cell phone for me

    I'm looking to replace my personal cell phone. I want something that will stand up to the rigors of what we do, I like the look of the MIKE phones by Telus, I found one phone by Bell that is up to MillSpecs but wrong network for me. Does anyone have a suggestion for this. I would be all over the...