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    Dana 30 parts for sale

    I have a bunch of parts for sale Dana 30 axle 3.54 gears no outers Ballastic fab dana 30 truss $60 Powerstop rotors $80 Powerstop Ceramic brake pads $40 Ball joints $50 Hubs Powdercoated calipers and rebuild kits $60 Im in western mass.
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    Stolen Axles Westfield Mass

    Hey guys had some axles get stolen from my work in Westfield Ma. It was a set of 60s ford hp kingpin front and full float rear. Anybody that knows anythong about the info would be greatly appreciated. Cash rewarded for info that gets them back. They were locked together on my work property and...
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    78 Ford Dana 44 and 60. (western, ma)

    I have a matching set of 78 ford axles. Front is a HP Dana 44 and the rear is a FF dana 60. I am unsure of the gear ratio right now. Im going to see if I can read one of the axle tags and get that info today. I dont really want to seperate or part out these at this time. Looking to get $700. for...
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    Hey guys figure I would post this up here first before anywhere else just in case someone out there has one of these. Axles and wheels are not for sale the rest is fair game. Motor: 351 M Trans: C6 The truck is in rough shape I have 2 sets of doors, 2 Hoods, 2 Tinted Rear Sliders 1 with...
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    New Taillights (In Progress)

    Hey guys Im new to the fab game and started off with something on the easier and non structural side of things. I take a welding course at a local high school so I needed a project to work on during the class hours, I have one broken taillight so I decided what the hell why not build them from...
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    bad steering + money = new steering options?

    Hey guys I know the topic has been beaten to death, but my steering box is shot and my heep is lifted too high for the factory setup. I only want to change the setup one time thats why I am looking for some honest good advice. I am looking at an AGR steering box and pump with provisions to add...
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    Battery ?

    Hey guys my battery died going to replace it with either an optima or oddysey? Any of you have experience with either one. Its going in a 99 cherokee sport 4.0 and its going to have 4 or 6 fogs on it. plus small stereo set up. Thank you, Mike
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    dynomax header?

    Need a new headers my factory manifold is cracked. Looking at dyno max painted steel headers. Has anybody had or have these just looking to see if anyone knows about quality the price is good just dont know if they will last? :dunno: Thank you
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    FORD 8.8 ?s

    Hey guys looking for an 8.8 for the heep I found one for under 500 complete with disc brakes. That price is the axle and the shipping to my door. Question hows the proce sound for that axle? Also what type of u joint do you use for this swap?
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    Craigslist ad. 89 cherokee crawler

    Didnt know if people have seen this or would be interested. Also didnt know if its a members rig? I am not the seller just spotted it on craigslist.
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    77 POWERWAGON D44 AND D60 ?

    Hey guy heres the question I am looking for larger beefier axles to swap are these axles good to use for an xj? I know any axle swap will need a ton of work to fit but wasnt sure if these are desirable for this swap? Any help would be apreciated. Thank you, axles in question: Dodge power wagon...
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    Help with rear lift parts.

    Hey guys looking to change the lift in the rear. As it sits now it has lift blocks with a shackle. Not sure what spring is in it. My goal is 6 6.5 inches of lift. Trying to figure out what components to use. I know im going to be using U bolt eliminators which should give me about a half inch of...
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    Snow covered jeep pics. New England.

    Lets get some pics up of the first good snow stom of the year! If youve got 4 wheel drive donut videos(not on public roads of course) post those too!