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    TRE for RE1600 trackbar

    After doing a "search" here on NAXJA, I bought a MOOG ES2847R tie rod end because I thought I could use it to replace the rod end on my RE1600 trackbar. It will NOT work. This TRE has right hand threads, the trackbar has left hand threads. I just wanted to clear that up so someone else doesn't...
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    Moog Tre Es2847r

    New in box MOOG ES2847R tie rod end. This has 3/4-16 right hand threads. It will NOT work on a RE1600 trackbar because the trackbar has left hand threads. It should work for other trackbars that use 3/4-16 right hand threads. $20 shipped.
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    Are drum brake explorer 8.8's 31 spline?

    I have the chance to get a drum brake Explorer 8.8 for a good deal, but is it the desirable 31 spline? I've seen some that say it is and some say it's not. Does anybody know for sure?? Thanks guys!
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    Any 2.5l performance items

    Lookin' for any performance stuff for a 2.5l. Cam Header ????
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    alternator wiring diagram

    I'm swapping a '95 YJ 2.5L engine into my '84 XJ. The alternators are different. I need to know how to wire in the '95 alternator. Thanks!