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  1. Qban

    Rusty's 3 Inch Coil/Add-A-Leaf Lift Kit - $100

    Rusty's 3 Inch Coil/Add-A-Leaf Lift Kit used for $100 Included: Front Coils Front Shocks Rear Add-A-Leafs U-Bolts Rear Shocks Missing... Eric, Located in Long Beach, Ca PM me for contact info
  2. Qban

    Aussie Locker D30 27 spline - used - 100$

    Hi, this is a used Aussie Locker for a D30 27spline for $100. It came from my XJ and I was the original owner. I had snapped the front right axle and then did a full rebuild and upgrade of my D30. I don't have a use for this locker anymore and figure someone else can get some usage out of it at...
  3. Qban

    98 XJ Rear Drums, Shoes, Backing Plates, Cables, Parts $40

    Hi, like the title says 98 XJ Rear Drums, Shoes, Backing Plates, Cables, New drum spring parts. These were all new and installed for like 100 miles before I pulled them off. The backing plates and cables are original. $40
  4. Qban

    D30 with Aussie help removing broken axle stub

    Hey, I was hoping you guys could help with some tricks. I have a broken axle piece on the driver side stuck in the d30 carrier with an Aussie locker. I can't remove the carrier cause the broken piece is just a little too long. I can't remove the Aussie cause the ring gear won't let me push out...
  5. Qban

    Any recommendations for a cheap reupholster shop for my seat?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a relatively cheap reupholster shop that could do my 98xj driver seat? it's that bluish leather and is torn in like 5 spots. I figured I could get it redone for probably less than a high quality neoprene wet okle seat covers =) Thanks, Eric
  6. Qban

    WTB OEM Bumper no end caps needed, late model xj

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an original bumper for a late model 98xj. I don't need any of the plastic parts like the endcaps. hopefully someone has one laying around and I can get it at a reasonable price. I live in Long Beach, Ca Thanks! Eric
  7. Qban

    Looking for a good mechanic

    Hey I was wondering who the goto guy for our cherokees would be. I'm still overheating and I'm completely out of ideas. I'm ready to pay a mechanic who knows these jeeps and can diagnose my issue. I only overheat on steep grades at highway speed, it's a very slow climb in temperature up to and...
  8. Qban

    High oil pressure at start?

    I'm still looking for overheating gremlins in my engine after I recently replaced the exhaust manifold which had a big crack near to collector. One thing I noticed is that my oil pressure seemed a bit high. When the engine is warm and I start it up I get about 40 psi, every 30sec or so my...
  9. Qban

    4 Tires 31" r15 Nankang for sale

    Here are 4 x Nankang 31" r15 and I'm pretty sure they are 10.5 tires for sale. These are in great condition. On my xj for 1 year before I upgraded to 33s. They went offroading a whopping 3 times, once to big bear and twice to the azuza ohv area. I never used the jeep for anything else except...
  10. Qban

    Rear braking testing and possible problem

    So I have the stock drums on the rear. I wanted to make sure my braking was good for trip I'm about to go on so I popped up the rear on stands and put my jeep in drive. I pretty much have to push as hard as I can on the brake to get the rear to stop, and this is just in drive without...
  11. Qban

    control arm bushings question

    Hi, I bought some used lower control arms a while back. I was told that they were believed to be skyjacker and have some beat up red bushings in them. They are also the radiused/slight bend in them. I thought all the skyjacker control arms were straight, but I did see a few pictures of their...
  12. Qban

    D30 Regear Pattern

    I just wanted to get some recommendations on my pattern Almost ready for socal fest except for this last axle to do =) D30 HP with Yukon 4.56. BL: 0.008 Pinion Depth (Behind Bearing Cup): Shims (0.035) + Baffle (0.016) Pinion New Slinger: 0.030 The only thing I could think of was maybe...
  13. Qban

    D30 Setup Bearings

    I'm making some setup bearings from my old carrier ones but I stretched the cage while pressing them off. I'm thinking it should be fine since the race/cup presses on the rollers and the stretched cage wouldn't affect the overall thickness when they are squeezed together. What do you guys...
  14. Qban

    Question about trouble shifting the nv242

    So I know its very common to have difficulty popping the tcase out of 4wd into 2wd. I always have to go in reverse and goose the gas several times and for a long distance in order to get it back to 2wd. My tires are evenly worn, the air is the same, and my linkage looks fine and moves the shift...
  15. Qban

    Regearing 8.25 Pattern Advice and Help

    This is my first time regearing solo and was hoping to get some help on the pattern. This is on a 8.25 with 4.56. I'm setting backlash with a dial indicator according the FSM process of torquing and everything I'm arriving at .005-.006 consistently with that process so I'm happy about that...
  16. Qban

    Overheating and already replaced all the usual suspects

    So I was overheating a bit on the way back from a mojave trip. I went to work learning and replacing everything to fix the problem. The list of new parts as follows: radiator - champion 2 row aluminum (comes with new radiator cap) lower radiator hose - from dealer and has the spring inside...
  17. Qban

    Looking for advice on Regearing

    I'm comparing prices and products and the two packages I've come across are: 4x4groupbuy - Item Number: XJ 30/8.25 4.56M? and Rusty's Offroad - Item Number: GEARSP30R825...
  18. Qban

    Help with Installing JCR Rock Sliders

    I had some difficulty installing the JCR stage 2 rock sliders. I got the frame mounts bolted in without much trouble but I'm having some issues with the pinch weld side. most of the bolt holes will go completely through the pinch weld but a couple of them are offset and hang too low off the...
  19. Qban

    Could I have my name changed

    Could I get my name changed from: engreric to Qban Thanks a lot!
  20. Qban

    WTB HPD30 and C8.25 4.56 Gears

    So I'm looking for some 4.56 gears for a HPD30 in the front and Chrysler 8.25 in the back, I would also need a new carrier for the Dana 30 as I'm running 3.55 at the moment.