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    Jeep Blessing

    Any one going to be attending this weekend?
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    R.I.P Aaron

    You will be missed.
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    Quick steering box Q?

    Ive heard of a durango box being a good upgrade, but would a box out of a 2000 dakota be the same? The dakota had a 3.9 and 4x4. My friend is scrapping it and if its an upgrade i will try to snag the box before its crushed.
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    Help please. CPS, O2 wire? Blowing 15A fuse in PDC

    like a week ago my girl hit a slight bump going slow. Not hard at all. Jeep dies. No restart. After about half hour of trouble shooting at midnight I finally found a blown fuse in the PDC. It's a 15amp ( I believe the asd fuse) replaced fuse and fires right up. Drive 10 seconds blows fuse again...
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    zj canyon rims fresh sandblast and sparkle silver powdercoat

    I have 4 matching canyon rims. These have been sandblasted & brand new sparkle silver powdercoat. Save money buy these. Located around mesick mi. 250 obo sandblast and paint was more than that. Text 231-429-5167 for pics
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    Wierd tail light issue.

    T98 4.0 auto. All lights work except tail lights. Has trailer light plug. Tore the panel open behind the spare. When I disconnect the rear ground with just a single wire i get partial lighting. The left side is about right but the right side is extremely dim. Also with ground disconnected my...
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    Thinking of moving to Pueblo from N. Michigan

    May have an opportunity to relocate to the pueblo area. Just wondering what I should expect. How pricey is housing, gas, food ect? Here in Northern Mi gas is still around 3.50-4 dollars a gallon. An apartment is around $500 a month. Could one survive out there on a $20-25 an hour pay range? How...
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    Wing glass install help

    Picked up a 92 2 door. Pass side wing glass is removed, I have the glass to install. Any tips or tricks? I need to get this in. Its a cold ride here in Mi
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    249 tail cone on 231

    A stupid question but can't seen to find an answer. Traded for a stock 92 2 door 5 speed yesterday and the tail cone broke somewhere during the trip on the car dolly. PO said he thinks he has a tail cone but it might be from a 249. Are they interchangeable?
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    Feeler aw4 gm 60 degree bellhousing

    Like the title says. Thinking about selling my bellhousing. These are very hard to find. Not sure on price so lets say 200obo. This is coming out of a mj that had the 2.5 aw4.
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    will any 2.5 bolt into a 88 mj

    Will any 2.5 out of a yj or tj bolt up to an 88 mj. Seems to be alot more yjs with 2.5s around my area. I know i will have to use my bellhousing and electronics and such. Also my intake and exhaust since mine is a tbi.
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    any interest in a blown mj stocker. 4.56 gears

    88 blown up 2.5. Rare aw4 on the colum. 231 swb. 30/35 with factory 4.56. Was my dd till yesterday. Really looking to trade for a running dd xj. I figure axles alone are worth 5 bills. Pics coming soon. Solid body for michigan.
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    pic request. vac line pics of 2.5 tbi

    Could someone please help me out with a few pics of the vacuum line routing for the 2.5tbi. 88 mj auto. Have a diagram but not having much luck as i believe the previous owner removed some stuff. More specifically shots of where the two lines that connect ti the intake. And there are a couple...
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    I need a vacuum diagram for a 2.5tbi

    I have serious vacuum problems. Need a diagram please. 88mj
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    Finally back in the game after 3 years 88 mj

    So like the title says I was forced to sell my xj 3 years ago after parking it due to unibody issues. I have always wanted a mj but just never got around to buying one. So about two weeks ago I found one for the right price. 88 swb 2.5tbi auto 4x4. Guy I bought it from said he was the original...
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    RE1600 Trac Bar

    It is used. Has been sitting out for a year or so. The heim joint on the frame end is froze up (may need to be replaced). The rubber bushing on the axle end needs to be replaced. 60obo.
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    97 ZJ fuel filter location Q.

    Where is the fuel filter located on a 97 ZJ. Is it located on top of the tank or in the tank. The local auto parts store guy said that it was a non servicable filter. Is this true. He said it was located in the tank as part of the fuel pump assembly. I know on the earlier year ZJ's there is an...
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    I have a very sligtly used radiator. It has less than 5k on it. Still looks brand new. It's a standard single core aluminum with plastic end tanks. Looking for 75obo would need the money before I could send it out too, times are that tough for me.
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    Not mine but seems like a good price for a nice set of built axles. 9" and 44 Passing it along.
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    Joining the Military

    Looking at going this route now in my life. Just wondering what the general concesus is about it here. Those of you who are active or retired vets. I spent a few hours today at the recruiting office today talking with the army. I know that I shouldn't take everything they say as the golden...