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  1. Peacefrog53

    NON XJ - F/S - 2004 Grand Cherokee

    Picked up a 2004 Grand Cherokee "Special Edition", from a friends mom who didn't want it anymore. Said she stopped driving it because it wouldn't start...... :dunno: and just let it sit under the car cover for a year. I put a different battery in it and...guess what. It started. It just...
  2. Peacefrog53

    Finish this part out

    Ok so seeing as how people bailed on this I have to re-post some stuff. Prices were increased slightly for storage fees..but all still :dunce: Everything is in Lake Forest. 92630 I'll sell the rest of the body and associated parts and pieces with running engine/drivetrain/gas...
  3. Peacefrog53

    1988 Part out

    Flipped it. Don't feel like caging a twisted unibody. Rails are physically bent. IN LAKE FOREST 92630 Axles and steering have been sold 1988 XJ 1989 - RENIX 4.0. Rebuilt 2,000mi ago. Have all receipts and photos - $500 Rebuilt NP231 - AA Full SYE - $150 Tired AW4 - Liquor....not beer...
  4. Peacefrog53

    NON XJ - 2003 Cadillac DeVille

    Need to sell my grandfathers ride. He passed, so he won't be using it anymore. 2003 Cadillac DeVille 100K miles. Dealer maintained always (Old people can't work on cars like they used to) Excellent condition inside and out. No scratches or mechanical problems at all $3500 OBO. I...
  5. Peacefrog53

    NON XJ- JK Rubicon Coils/shocks

    I have a set of low mileage 2007 JK Rubicon coils and shocks. Factory parts. Case of beer and it's all yours.
  6. Peacefrog53

    WTB: ZJ front drive shaft

    Need a longer front driveshaft. Heard that the ZJ front shafts are 3"-5" longer. LMK if you have one lying around you don't need. Thank you.
  7. Peacefrog53

    Brain fart or bad injectors?

    Ok. Jeep sat for a couple months. '89 4.0 RENIX. Ran great when parked. Primed oil pump, reset distributor, started engine......... Idles fine. Just touch the gas and it sputters and pops and backfires. Re-checked distributor, cleaned terminals, new plugs, changed wires and cap, re-checked all...
  8. Peacefrog53

    Bad Mechanics

    Not XJ related, but still Jeep related. Had a question for you guys. My good friend took his 2005 Cherokee (3.7 V6 appx. 130,XXX) over to repair shop for a no-start issue. I told him since the battery was new, and tested good, and that the car just wouldn't do anything except make a little click...
  9. Peacefrog53

    Waggy Front Dana 44

    Bought it, and don't need it now. Found an easier option for my swap. Just looking to get what I paid for it. $300. In Lake Forest.
  10. Peacefrog53

    Rear Window Rotopax Holder

    Anyone done this to a Cherokee yet?? I was thinking of trying it out. Street legal....not sure in CA. Nothing's legal in CA. I was checking out Rebels version for the JK when I was over there the other day. Pretty ingenious crew they got over there. This is the pic from their website.
  11. Peacefrog53

    Whole front end. HP D30, RK 3-link, Fox 2x12

    Selling the whole front end. Minus steering. Rock Krawler 3 link. Rustys 8.5 coils. Fox 2x12 with resi, HP D30 trussed gussetted C's, 4.56 gears, drilled slotted rotors, custom TBar. American Rebel Aluminum diff cover. In lake forest. Shoot me an offer. Robert @ RWKHaus did the gear install...
  12. Peacefrog53

    That white....yellow...XJ

    That white....yellow...XJ FOR SALE Selling my baby. Need the money for tuition. Amazing truck. LOCATED IN LAKE FOREST, CA Clean title. Pink in hand. Passed smog better than a Prius. Current registration from May. Driven to trails, wheeled all day, and driven home. Very reliable. Have all...
  13. Peacefrog53

    CAT Think BIG Program

    Anyone on the boards gone through this, or work in the heavy equipment industry? I received an offer from Quinn about how they'd pay for nearly everything including tools, with paid OTJ training, plus paid internship. Downside is that it's in Stockton, CA for 4 years!! Thoughts from anyone...
  14. Peacefrog53

    1-ton Steering

    Selling it. Went to all heim steering. Tie-rod ends are all pretty shot. Thuis LOOKS exactly like the JCR steering, and has the same dimensions, however, the guy I bought it from said it was homebrew. So IDK. Could probably get the JCR tie-rod ends to fix it, and make it OTK. Looks and feels to...
  15. Peacefrog53

    Stock crap

    Anyone want any of this? Cheap. Like....cold keystone cheap. Otherwise just come get it. The swaybar has new bushings and RCX discos with the pins. 2" budget lift Everything else is stock from 88-89.
  16. Peacefrog53

    DirtBound's Extreme front winch bumper

    Need to sell it as it's not going to be working for my project anymore. Might need a few touch-ups on the paint, but no dents or dings. Comes with the frame rail tie-ins, and hardware that was supplied with the bumper originally. Has two light tabs. I've only had it on the truck for a couple...
  17. Peacefrog53

    Anyone worked for Carmax before?

    Just curious to see if anyone here has, or knows someone who has, worked for CarMax as an auto tech?? Seeing how interesting it might be.....or not be...
  18. Peacefrog53

    Rock Shop Roof Rack

    I’m selling my roof rack. It is a custom roof rack by a guy at a company called Rock Shop. I’ve never heard of them until I bought this. It extends from the rear hatch to just about 3-4 inches before the windshield on my ’88. Has four tabs that sit on the drip rail, with four pieces that pinch...
  19. Peacefrog53

    O/T: halibrand v drive schematic

    This is long shot but does anyone on the board remember the old halibrand v drives from the 60's and 70's for the flat bottoms and race boats? I need a schematic for the box so I can rebuild the one in our boat. The casale drives r friggin expensive and the boat needs other work than that so a...
  20. Peacefrog53

    Wheel adapters and 2" Coil spacers

    5X4.5 to 5X5.5 Spidertrax 1.25" thick Rocky Road Outfitters 2" coil spacers Great condition. Nearly new.