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    92 XJ

    Recently purchased an LJ, so I am selling the XJ. If you would like to know more, send me a PM. Price is $6k how it sits now, can negotiate price by removing/not including various parts.
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    Metal Pegboard Panels

    I closed my shop and have a ton of the Wall Control pegboard panels. If there is any interest, send me a PM.
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    Booster/MC Upgrade Question

    Planning on using a booster from a 95/96 on my 92. Do I need to use the master cylinder from the same year as the booster or can I use the master cylinder that is in there now?
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    WTB Dana 30 Axle Shafts

    Looking for a set of dana 30 95 and up axle shafts. I don't need an entire axle, but would like some spares.
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    New Member

    New NAXJA member here, #5043. Not my first XJ or Jeep for that matter, but I recently purchased csailors 92. Finished up an unfinished project and have been working on a few other things with more to come in the future. Hope to attend a few events this year, but I own my own business plus have a...