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  1. in4aride

    Chinamens run

    Well shit. Forgot to post this trip apparently. Decided to take a few Tacoma guys who were nervous about OCG and drag em through with Ledly, and let the wife hit that trail for her first time. Hit rain and hail once we got to Wales tail. Trail was pretty busy. Aaaaaanyway. Here are pics...
  2. in4aride

    ISO hp30 housing / 373+ carrier

    Just like it says. Need a housin and 373+ carrier. Complete is fine but not needed. 719 three 3 eight 70 ninetynine
  3. in4aride

    June 1 OCG

    Saturday June 1. Chinamens. May camp Friday night. Trailhead 0930 Saturday. Be a mixed groups of jeeps and Toyota’s and whatever else. So be a slow going run is my guess. Bring your asses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. in4aride

    Calamity trail

    All three of us had off so we took the Jeep and truck up to run calamity since Ash had not run it in her truck yet. She slid off line on a big climb and busted a taillight. She took it well and laughed. Last waterfall on exit I was too short and low and kept turtling and she had to winch me...
  5. in4aride

    Ejs run.

    Quick ejs run since I’ve never been. Wanted to check it out and see how the taco handled the new parts and pieces and to piss off led by going to Moab for the second time already this year lol. Ran pickle, Moab rim, totw, Hell’s, and even got up potato salad hill. Got 26mpg driving the back way...
  6. in4aride

    Moab 5-7

    Just a quick trip to Moab. Normal trails (HR, PSM, maybe TOTW.)
  7. in4aride

    For those that know Keri

    She was hit by a drunk tonight. Totally mangled her wrangler. She seems like she’s in good spirits but definitely going to be s rough process so throw some love her way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. in4aride

    Is it too early? Cofest?

    I guess first question is, since it didn’t happen last year (for the rest of you), is there any interest in having it this year. If it is something bod is interested in making happen, are the commoners interested? Much like last year, I’m going wheeling either way. Just seeing if ya twats...
  9. in4aride

    Maiden trip (calamity)

    Bought s new cheap Jeep beater project. Took it for a test run on a local trail. Jeep did great. Tossed cps right at last waterfall on exit. Took a bit to get to town and crap parts and tools. Just loaded on trailer since I had truck and Jeep at that point. Calamity trail. Montrose...
  10. in4aride

    WTB rear axle.

    Looking for a 4.88 rear axle (non d35). Locked or open, either is fine. Complete.
  11. in4aride

    Curiosity - elections.

    Elections are coming up. No not for the sleaze balls in govt. - just here. Given the overall lack of involvement aside from a select few, is BOD just going to shrink some more, or are the positions going to have to stay open? Because is anyone going to run ? Just wondering the fate of co...
  12. in4aride

    TOTW -ish

    Ran top of the world via castle valley/ rose garden hill/ kokopelli. Even with xj’s!!! Pics are in link
  13. in4aride

    Simple Sunday run turned all day adventure

    Well I didn’t make it to the actual event, just caught the tail end. Which is alright, sounds like I probably would t have passed ‘tech’ per naxja standards (I’ll keep the laughing and eye roll emojis to myself). I did however meet up with a few guys still on their tail end of the trip and...
  14. in4aride

    Anyone still going to be around Sunday?

    Was considering running up for a day run Sunday if anyone is on anything. Just going to bring the taco.
  15. in4aride

    West slope/best slope

    No wheeling for me, but doing some ride alongs and takin pics out here for some event locally. Pics are from cactus and boulder canyon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. in4aride

    Last minute. Aug 12th Poughkeepsie.

    Like it says. Poughkeepsie. Sunday. 12th. Ya.
  17. in4aride


    Well. Yeah. We still doing shit. Insert flip off here. :D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. in4aride


    Here’s some pics from the trip. Ended up being a solo run, so ran all the way to Moab in first day and caught an Airbnb (last one available). I made a 40 mike mistake right out the gate. I took 540 instead of staying on 402. I could have take it to Nucla and not had to back track, but I...
  19. in4aride

    Rimrocker 5-25-27

    Just a scouting run. Overnight.
  20. in4aride

    Top of the world 4-14

    Headed to Moab for a day or two. Looking st doing top of the works with the in laws. Just one rig, might rent a second, not sure. No specific details as of yet.