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    back on the road

    well sallys back on the road guys. i have not had working internet for awhile, and i ran into a ton of problems when bb'n her. she was on jackstands for a week and a half. but shes done........for now. so i installed a rocky road outfitters 2" bb. rustys adjustable hd trackbar, zj tie rod...
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    driveline vibrations

    ok so im finally done installing my BB. sally is still undriveable. i had a 3" lift consisting of coils and AAL. i added 2" spacers up front, and 1" shackles and 1.5" blocks to the blocks are not pinion angled, so i know i need to do a t case drop, my question is should i shim the rear...
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    shim question

    where can i buy the shims that go on the lower control arms where they mount to the unibody? you know the ones that go in the mount so you can space the arms forward or back when aligning it?
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    whos got it?

    does anyone have a pancake compressor and impact gun i can borrow for like 20 minutes?
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    wheres all the pics?

    from zombiefest!
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    bones needs help

    ok guys i tore apart the front of sally to install some coil spacers. and everything that could go wrong.....went wrong! one of my upper control arm bushings majically worked its way out, i dont have a ball joint press to put the new ones back in with, and i cannot afford to rent one from...
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    vid thread

    as you all know im sure music is a major motivation and part of my life. so i figured i would start a thread with links to videos of stuff i dig. you other metal/hardcore guys should contribute too. hopefully we will all find some new stuff we like. crowbar-whiskey metal from new orleans...
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    a background on bones

    just figured i would post all of my previous rides and projects to help you guys get to know me. ps: dont hate on me for likeing lowriders! alright guys i have owned alot of vehicles, i used to buy vehicles that needed work and fix them and sell them. i will post the ones i kept longer than...
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    i need a job 2

    so im usually not one to complain, but im only making $150 a week right now and im struggling to get by. if anyone could help me find a good job that would be great. skills: customer service-call center lube technician, with management experience shipping/receiving-forklift experience i also...
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    6th Annual Truck & Jeep FEST 2009 ... whos going?

    Whos going to the Truck and Jeep fest this year? i just go my flyer in the mail July 11-12 Saturday 10-4 Sunday 10-3 Free admission --- at the Denver Merchandise Mart Clearance up to 75% off -Discounted Merch -Overstock Items -Opened Items -Scratch and Dent items -Tires, Wheels, etc...
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    naxja co chap facebook?

    i use facebook alot do you guys have a facebook or would anyone be interested in having one? im pretty nifty on that site, i could build one.
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    wats up guys my names bones. just figured i would introduce myself. im already a member on jeep forum and one of those guys recommended me to this forum. just bought my first xj. 1992 2 door with 98k original. it has a 3" rough country, 31's, and came with some extra parts. i paid $1100...