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  1. CobraMarty

    WJ Knuckle Swap

    When doing this swap using the WJ knuckles and welded on JKS spacers, Which XJ unit/hub bearing is usually/most often used? Early or Late?
  2. CobraMarty

    Another 4.0L Supercharger Kit

    Yet another company building a kit. Looks like a nice cast manifold. Wonder if he will sell it separately?
  3. CobraMarty

    XJ Front Brakes, BIG Brake Options

    I have read most all of the threads on this site and on others, about this topic of Front 'Big Brakes and have found much information. Early XJ- 84-89 XJ have the 'old' style knuckle with 2 large mounting lugs for the caliper and brackets to bolt onto, 11" rotors single piston calipers Later...
  4. CobraMarty

    Rear Sway Bar Bracket

    I need the bracket (2) which attaches to the spring plate/U bolts. I don't need the whole bar. Thanks.
  5. CobraMarty

    SummitRacing has Jeep stroker engines $2895

    Has anyone seen or used these? $2895 and free shipping.
  6. CobraMarty

    DYNO Results- Post them here

    Post your rear wheel dyno results. Give a little info- dyno type, CID, mileage, mods, etc I'll start- 135rwhp/160rwtq mustang dyno, '99 150k stock 150rwhp/174rwtq mustang dyno, '99 150k CAI, 62mmTB, cat back, ignition 211rwhp/274rwtq mustang dyno, '98 160k sprintex supercharger 6 pounds...
  7. CobraMarty

    1999 2WD Auto Crossmember Mount

    Straight no damage. $20, it is heavy, local p/u is best but will ship on your dime.
  8. CobraMarty

    Spark Plugs- What are you using?

    I've searched and read many threads here and other sites about 'What Spark Plugs'. There seems to be a lot of debate about which is 'best'. Some of the choices seem to have to do with what year motor- renix, OBD2, 2000+ COP, stroker, supercharged, etc. What do you use? Not only just what...
  9. CobraMarty

    2 door Front Seats

    I have 2 sets of 2 door front seats available. Beige/tan and Grey. Good condition, no rips, tears or stains. Tilt. $50 set, pick up only, will not ship. 19067 zip.
  10. CobraMarty

    WTB-(PA) 98-99 Cruise control

    Need servo and bracket and clockspring for 98-99.
  11. CobraMarty

    Where is the thread '#becauseracecar' ?

    Where did this thread go?
  12. CobraMarty

    Cylinder Head Flow Numbers

    can't post correctly, sorry.
  13. CobraMarty

    Banks Power's bolt-on Turbocharger Kit

    Now in the new JP Magazine June 2013 issue Gale Banks Engineering 4.0L Turbo system for '99 1/2 to '06 Wranglers, requires the two pre-catalytic converters 50 state legal (pending) Basic kit 6psi, average 45% increase in power, under $3000 includes everything needed for installation Installs...
  14. CobraMarty

    Stock Steering Stabilizer Dimensions, Help

    Does anyone have the extended and compressed lengths, eye to eye, for a stock steering stabilizer. Thanks.
  15. CobraMarty

    Sprintex Supercharger hits 12 pounds Boost!!

    I installed a smaller supercharger pulley. Went from a 2.5" pulley to a 2.125" pulley (2 1/2 to a 2 1/8 for those who don't like decimals. ) I now hit 8psi@1/4 throttle, 10psi@1/2, maxes out at 12psi. This was on a 50* night with no manual shifter shenanigans. Not even a hint of detonation...
  16. CobraMarty

    AW-4 Shift Controller and LED Gear Indicator Mod

    AW-4 SHIFT CONTROLLER/GEAR INDICATOR MOD So with some fancy electronic control boxes we built this device. What does it do? Watch here- Current version-...
  17. CobraMarty

    TCUs -What's the Difference AA vs AB?

    So what's the difference between the- 56041386AA purple sticker vs the 56041386AB brown sticker TCU? Are they interchangable?
  18. CobraMarty

    FS--Speedo Gears, short shaft

    I have some leftovers, all short shaft. Easy to change, less than 5 minutes. I have 27, 35, 37, 39 toothed gears. $25 each, shipped.
  19. CobraMarty

    WTB- JKS Quick Disconnects

    Looking for a set of JKS Quick Disconects. What do you have?\ New, used, broken?
  20. CobraMarty

    Stock Slip Yoke Question/Spec?

    1999 2WD auto trans, I have searched and can't find the specs- What is the spline count of the stock slip yoke? What is the inside diameter of the slip yoke? What is the outside seal diameter of the slip yoke? What U joint 1310 or 1350?------- I think it is 1310. Thanks