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    35" MTR's

    I have 5 35x12.50r15 Goodyear MTR's. $ are Kevlars mounted on 15x8.5 Raceline Rockcrusher wheels that are 5x5.5 lug pattern. The 5th is an older MTR mounted on a different style wheel (same size & backspacing though) I used as a spare. The Kevlars have 13/32" tread, so about 50%, tread...
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    DV/Slickrock update

    Just got back from my annual trip to Lake Alpine and tried to find out whatever I could about both trails. I wasn't able to talk to any of the Alpine County Sheriffs, so nothing is really official. As for Slickrock, I met a guy who used to be the trail boss for one of the 4x4 clubs that came...
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    My current project

    Hopefully this works and my pic's show up for more than a couple of minutes. Anyway, I started building a set of drawers for the back of the heep so I just figured I'd share my very slow progress. It's still very much a work in progress. But it's started. The tank basically sits where the...
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    Deer Valley open?

    Has anybody heard what the latest status is for Deer Valley? I read something earlier this year that it may be opened up this summer. Has there been any updates or changes that anyone knows about? Last year there was zero signage on the Hermit Valley end and I ran it up to the lookout, where...
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    Starter issue

    I've been having minor starter issues now for a couple of months. Nothing too serious, just a sticky solenoid. I just finally got tired of crawling under it to whack the starter with a hammer every time it acted up. So I get it into the garage today and crawl under there to pull out the old...
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    DV and SR 7-9 to 712

    I'll be headed up to Alpine with the family for the weekend and planning on running DV and SR. Has anybody run DV from Hermit Valley yet this year? Just wanting to make sure the trail is open, at least up to the lookout area where we stopped last year. If anybody is headed up there I'll be...
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    New Skins for the Heep

    Got a nice package from UPS. Actually it's been awhile since I got these from Hooligan Offroad. But it's been a very slow process that's still ongoing. Anyway, it started with getting this nice bundle. Which held all of these parts. The rears are a new version Hooligan made for me with the...
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    1989 Comanche in Pick N Pull

    Found this at the Oakland Pick-N-Pull in case anyone is interested...
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    HP Dana 30 skid

    I have a hp dana 30 slider w/mounting hardware. It shows some wear and tear but only enough to scrape most of the sticker off the bottom. Works pretty good to keep your diff from hanging up on the rocks, it just slides over the rocks. $40 obo.
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    Need a D44 axle measurement

    I am in need of a measurement for the d44 axles from either an XJ or TJ rear d44. I need the measurement from the spline end of the shafts to both the inside (retaining ring side of the bearing) and outside (axle seal side of the bearing) of the axle bearing with the race in place. I need the...
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    Heading to Prairie City

    Anybody going to PC today I'll be heading out there to see how my TnT stuff works out. My daughter will probably be trying out her stock WJ a little too.
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    Skids and stuff

    I have a few take off items for sale. The first is a Skid Row transfer case skid that I ran for about 2 months. I installed it just prior to this years SeirraFest and took it back off right afterwards. Now I have a TnT belly pan so don't need this. As you can see in the pic's, it still looks...
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    Yay, new arms ! TnT Long Arms that is.

    Look what the brown truck Santa brought for me today.. I got these 3 boxes that contained all of this to replace all of this :yelclap: For those that were at this years SierraFest you may remember that I won a gift certificate for a TnT XJ Belly Pan. Well, I found out that I could not...
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    WTB: 2"x4" .250" wall tube

    Just wondering if anyone has a 36" length of 2"x4" .250" wall tubing they would be willing to sell. I want to fab up a new tranny cross member and would like to use this tube as the base. I found it online but the shipping is kinda high. So, if ya have some and don't mind parting with it, let me...
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    35" MTR spare (tire only)

    I have an older 35x12.50 15 Goodyear MTR looking for a new home. It's sitting in my garage taking up space. It has 7/32" of tread left so there is a little life left in it. It has 2 patches/plugs in it from one nail and one screw picked up off the hi-way and then repaired by America's Tire in...
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    Frame stiffeners install question

    I have a Full-Traction long arm suspension that I've been running for awhile (like 6 years and 50+ thousand miles). I recently purchased a set of T&T frame stiffeners to beef up the unibody while I can still close my doors properly. The way I see it I have at least 2 options to install the...
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    Shocks for sale

    I have a set of Edelbrock Extreme IAS shocks for the front. These are the one they made specifically for an XJ with 6" of lift. The part # 63515 and the measurements are 16.49" collapsed, 26.98" extended. I had to cut the bar-pin off the bottom to connect them to my axle. But I have a set of...
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    hp d30 and other stuff

    I've got a high pinion d30 with 4.88 gears and open diff from a 91 XJ. It has abs on it which means it also has the larger u-joints (yes, '91s did have the larger joints if you got abs as an option). It also has mini-skids welded onto the lca mounts and taller swaybar mounts welded on (courtesy...
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    Misc stuff

    Got the new axle in and had to change a few thing out. So I have a few things for sale. 5 wheels, 15x8 with 3.75" b/s 5x4.5" pattern. They are Unique brand wheels. All but the spare has some rash on them, but nothing that causes problems, or I wouldn't have been using them on my dd up to a week...
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    D44 Stub shaft/spindle binding

    I have a hp44 front axle that I narrowed to accept Rubicon d44 inners. I've got the GM small bearing spindles and GM stub shafts. Here is the problem. The short side goes together and spins easily. I put the long side together and it will bind up for about 1/4 of the axle rotation. So it moves...