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    Interest In a Run Tomorrow (Sunday)?

    Ha, they still let me in here. Any of you guys interested in a trail run tomorrow (Sunday) with an old XJ'er turned 80 series LC guy? I finally have a day free and no good group runs seem to be going on. I'm fully locked on 35's. Let me know if anything's going on! I'm so stir crazy I was...
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    Old Chinaman's Saturday June 3rd

    Hey NAXJA crowd...been a long time... I'm running Old Chinaman's next Saturday. Looking to see if any of the old timers want to get out on a run and catch up. I'll be in my 80 series Land Cruiser running a new 3" suspension on 35's. I'll have the family with me, so we'll have fun but keep a...
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    $9,900. XJ For Sale - HP D44 Front/Currie HP 9" Rear

    For Pictures Click Here! $9.900. Located in Colorado Springs. Ford HP D44 front/Currie HP 9" rear w/8" lift. Email me at if interested. Rig runs strong and smooth. No driveline vibes even in full time 4wd at highway speed. 101K miles. Specs: 1997 4 door 4.0L/AW4...
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    The Big Mod

    My XJ is listed in the classified section :bawl: . I know this post doesn't belong here, but I want somebody from NAXJA to get it. Nay
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    My XJ is For Sale

    Well, it's sad to say, but my XJ is up for sale as the family got too big. Everybody here probably already has an XJ, but I'd love for somebody in NAXJA to pick it up. Here is the ad: For sale or trade for a 1996-97 FZJ80 series Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 450. Located in Colorado Springs. I...
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    XJ vs. ZJ Track Width & Stretched XJ

    Are the XJ and ZJ track widths the same? I can't find this answer anywhere. I think they are by basic measurements, but want actual confirmation. The reason I'm asking is that my XJ will be too small for family use in a couple of years. I may have to become a traitor and swap axles and parts...
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    Bush Quote

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,” Bush said. “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” At long last... THE TRUTH!!!! :roflmao:
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    5 Point Harness Mounting

    I'm getting ready to install a set of buckets (kid sized) to replace the bench seat, as well as another set of buckets (toddler sized) in the cargo area. I will also be replacing the factory seats with a set designed for use with five point harnesses. All the kid seats are using 5 point...
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    RE 7.5" Coils - First Impression

    I replaced my RE ZJ 4.5" coils (XJ 5.5") with the TJ/XJ 7.5" coils this weekend. My goal was to increase spring rate a little bit for better handling, and to replace the 1" of spacer on top of the ZJ coils and add about a half inch of lift. In a previous thread, we didn't resolve the question...
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    4-Link - Mitigating Steep Roll Axis

    I've done all the reading on all the theads about this topic. I know more than I ever thought I would about AS, IC, CG, and WTF. What I haven't seen is a solution, besides the buggy route, to deal with steep roll axis. Kaz is telling me that rear coilovers might be the solution. I get the...
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    Relocating Airbag Control Module

    Chrysler put out a TSB a long time ago about relocating the airbag control module from a floor mount underneath the driver's seat due to potential water corrosion issues. I have my interior torn out for an interior roll cage install and durabak-ing. Anybody have a picture of where they move...
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    Internal Cage Plus Overhead Console

    I’m going to be putting in an internal cage. I have the factory overhead console (digital display, overhead lights, sunglass holder, etc), which appears to be in the way. Anybody done a cage and kept the overhead console? It’s not a major thing, but I’d just as soon keep it if possible. If...
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    Interior Stuff For Sale

    Well, I made a post on the Intermountain Chapter board I shouldn't have made concerning going to Moab later this month. It said "My Jeep is working perfectly, and my wife isn't pregnant, so I'll be there." Well, my Jeep is working perfectly, but I won't be there :wow: (#4 and final on the...
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    Smooth Durabak

    Anybody used the smooth durabak as exterior "paint"? This is the stuff without all the ground up rubber granules. Since I don't plan on climbing my Jeep (I'll probably regret saying this one day and wish the side of my XJ had great traction), the "non-skid" properties of regular Durabak are...
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    Replacement Seat (2nd/3rd Row)

    Thought I'd pass this link along...I'm looking into replacing the backseat bench entirely with 2 removable bucket seats, along with a removable set of seats for smaller kids in a 3rd row. My vision is to bolt this all into an internal cage. These seats are designed to be bolted directly into a...
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    Internal Cage Plus Custom Seats

    Now that my family has expanded to "bigger than XJ size" and seeing as how I need a roll cage anyway, I am wondering if anybody has ideas about removing the backseat entirely, installing a roll cage, and tying four jumpseats with five point harnesses into the cage. This wouldn't necessarily be...
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    Moab April 23-25 - Inter-Chapter Event

    As some of you know, the Intermountain Chapter is planning a Moab trip April 23rd and 24th, which is a Friday and Saturday. Let's make this an inter-chapter event and show more Colorado XJ's than Intermountain can muster from their own members. I have reservations to be in Moab from the...
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    CO Weather Update

    Starting to get more daily rain. Forecast for the next 7 days is increasing daily rain showers, with max "monsoon" season approaching 7/19 - 8/1. Those who want to come should probably not avoid it based on fire, and chances are you'll get wet if you are camping. Nay