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    ring gear bolt torque specs

    specs: 89 xj, 4.5" lift, 5sp, 31" tires, 4.10 r&p, d 30 and d35c rear. yesterday on my way home from work, i hear and feel a loud bang from the rear so i pull over. thought at first i dropped the driveshaft but after looking at everything there is no visual signs of anything loose or dragging...
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    confused about fuel pressure

    i have an 1989 with the 4.0 i did a feul pressure test and the numbers where with in spec. 31 without the vacuum line and 39 with the vacuum connected. my confusion is why is it vacuum assited and from what i have read about fuel injectors, the fuel injectors for the renix are rated at 18.6...
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    clogged catalytic converter

    other than hollowing/gutting out a clogged catalytic converter, is there another way to unclog a cat? could it be taken off and chemically cleaned or would a shot of compressed air do the trick.