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    Renix Temperature gauge

    I have a 89 4.0 Cherokee. I am having issues with the dash temp gauge. With the key off the needle points to the left of straight up. When the key is cranked it bounces around the high end of registering. Once it is running the needle goes back to the low end of registering and stays there. I...
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    8.8, stroker parts, hp44/9 & Bushwackers

    I have an explorer 8.8 complete with all parking brake cables and driveshaft yoke, 3.55 gears and positrac. I'd like to get $300 for it. I even have the aluminum driveshaft if you need it I also have a 4.2 crank and rods to do a 4.7 with. The crank hasn't been turned and the rods are virgin...
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    alternator relocation

    I'm in the process of building brackets to move the alternator up to(close to) where the a/c compressor currently sits. So far they have turned out pretty slick. This bracket will completely replace all the bracketry on the pass. side of the engine. These brackets would delete the a/c and a...
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    2dr Bushwackers

    I have a brand new set of 2dr Bushwackers I'm not going to use. They are painted grey but have never been installed. I'm not looking to ship them but might meet someone somewhere close. I'm wanting $325 for them. They will fit MJ's too...
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    Stroker Crank/Rods

    I've got a 4.2 crank and rods I'm not going to use. Its the later model crank that will drop in to a 4.0 without cutting the snout or a spacer. I'm pretty sure the journals are standard and the rods are in good shape. I'm planning on going to the gear meet&greet with Flores so delivery is...
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    Transmission Crossmember

    I've got a Rustys transfer case skid I will install soon. The trouble is that it really makes the stock transmission crossmember seem weak. I just cant bring myself to leave the stocker in there. Does anyone have any experience/ opinions with aftermarket ones? Ive seen the Rustys, TNT and the...
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    Gas guage not reading empty

    I have an 89 4.0 with an unknown capacity fuel tank. I have filled it up or gotten it close to full before. I think it took around 16 gallons. The problem I am having is the guage will read full and seems to react correctly except when it reaches 1/4 tank. It will stay at 1/4 until it runs out...
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    Parting out 89

    I've bought an 89 4-door 2wd XJ. Its a stripper model. No nothing, no power anything, no console, idiot light guages, etc. It does have air and its beat on both front fenders. Doors are good. Glass is good. I bought it for the engine, anybody need anything else? Open to offers on everything...
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    A few leftovers

    I've got a brand new pair of RE superride non-adjustable LCA's.These have never been installed and are 16" eye to eye. I would like to get $100. I've also got a used set of Rough Country(?) non-adjustable LCA's. These are used but in great shape. I'd like to get $60. New 2" daystar poly BB...
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    replacing crimped end RE control arm bushings

    I've already searched and didn't come up with much. I am needing to replace the bushings in my RE superflex lower arms. They are the type with the crimped bushing ring and the hourglass shaped bushing. Just looking at them and the replacement bushings it looks like it will be a chore getting the...
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    modifying RE tracbar

    I have the RE1660 trac bar with the johnny joint at the top and a rubber bushing on bottom. The trouble is that the lower bushing is used up. Has anyone or would it be possible to cut the lower bushing off and replace it with a tubing adapter and heim? If so what size heim and tubing od/id for...
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    Anti-wrap block?

    I have tried searching and haven't really came up with an answer to my questions. I have built a bastard pack out of a Dodge van length main leaf with Dakota leaves added to it. I am happy with the existing leaf arrangement. I would like it to sit about 3/4" higher. I already have RE 1.5"...
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    Front disc brake dust shields?

    I tried searching but didn't find out too much... I am replacing my hub unit bearings and have the brake dust shields off. I wasn't planning on putting them back on. Does anyone have any advice for or against the idea?If I ditch the shields should I use some sort of spacer or something to keep...
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    u-joint sizes

    I have searched already, I think I know the answer but I still just want to confirm. I have found a non-disconnect front axle. It is in a 90 cherokee with ABS. I'm not sure what transfer case it has in it.There are tone rings on the axle shafts. Will this axle have the big u-joint shafts? Or did...
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    wtb taillight and front bumper for 99

    My nephew tore his front bumper up on his jeep. He needs a driver side endcap and the bumper itself. Preferably painted gold, but would take a chrome one and both ends. he also needs a driver side taillight. All of this is for a 99 XJ.
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    rear shoulder harness

    Was the rear shoulder seatbelts an option on XJ's? Will my '89 2-door have the anchor points to upgrade? I really wasn't looking forward to pulling the headliner to find out...
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    spare parts for sale

    I've got both early and late model gas tank skids $75 each, Drawtite hitch for XJ $40,1 pair factory hitch/skid nutstrips $30, F&R 0-2" lift Procomp shocks $20 each, brand new 1.75" daystar lift spacers $40, pair Dakota leaf packs $30, all stock suspension/steering parts from an '89 make offer.
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    97+ gas tank skid OEM

    I have a factory skid from a '98 xj I'd like to sell. I was hoping to get $75 OBO. I would prefer local pickup but would be willing to meet somewhere not too far away. I plan to go to the Duncan,OK swapmeet this Friday and could bring it with me if needed.
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    WTT 97+ gas tank skid for 96 & earlier

    I have an OEM gas tank skid from a 98 that I would like to trade for an earlier one. Mine is in real good shape and would like one of similar condition. PM me if you have/need one. Thanks
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    Gas Tank Skid Compatibility

    I have already searched this, but does anyone know if the 97+ gastank skid will fit a pre-96(89) without modification. I found plenty of info to put an early skid on a later model but didn't seem to find anything for the other way.