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    Need new 4.0 need recommendations

    Locked up my motor on the way to work, looking to replace it. I’d like to put a new/rebuilt in instead of a jy special. Im looking for recommendations on a good stock replacement that wont break the bank. Not hearing a lot of good on atk or titan, cant afford a stroker..what options are out...
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    WTB 4.0 for 01

    I locked up my motor on the way to work so i need a new one,preferably without 0331 but beggars cant be choosers. Who’s got something collecting dust? 01 xj 4.0 Thanks!
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    membership drive

    when does it start? After too long of spongeing, It's time to pony up for the red name but I want to wait till the membership drive to help the chapter contest.
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    idle at +/- 2000 rpm

    91 4.0 4x4 ax-15 My idle is fluctuating between 1000 and 2000 rpm usually closer to the higher end. Its been like this for a while and seems to be getting worse. with smog coming up soon I guess I need to do something about it. I can sometimes get it to drop a few hundred by doing a light...
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    Wtb rear hatch/glass

    Someone shot out my rear hatch glass with a bb gun last night. I need a new hatch or just the glass. Preferably on the cheap(beer?) I'm in cameron park so anywhere from Sacto to pollock (hwy 50)is within my driving range. 91 XJ,4.0
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    New tools moving to Cameron Park.

    My wife just got offered a GM position opening up the new restaurant where Hemalayas was, just below the Bel-Air store, off of 50 so it looks like the rysam clan is moving. Im not much of a forum typer but one Im one hell of a lurker. Im looking forward to meeting some of yall and doing some...
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    no tail lights or marker lights.

    91 cherokee 4.o stock wiring with the exception of 2 kc's triggered by the high beams and a trailer wiring harness. My tail lights and marker lights keep popping fuses so theres obviously a short somewheres. can any one give a suggestion as to where to start looking? I dont have the wiring...
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    Thinking about moving to the Co. Springs

    Im going to be looking to GTFO of cali in the next year or so and am wondering what the life situation is out there. Its been probably 13 years since I was last through there for a couple days of training at the Wickes Lumber yard and losing a few bills at the dog track. Co. Springs has always...
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    running like crap..

    91, 4.0,ax-15 . My idle/rpm have been bouncing between 1000-2000 for about 2 weeks with an occasional journey to where its supposed to be. Yesterday the RPMs were going crazy, revving and such with the clutch in. This morning,while taking the spawn to school it was running really rough, and...
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    Advice on removing body lift from YJ

    My cousin in the Marines bought a 93 YJ with a 3" SUA lift and 3" body lift on 33" street tires. It looks dumb. He's over in Afghanistan somewhere and wants me to take the body lift off before he gets back. I've never touched a body lift so I don't know whats involved to remove one, and haven't...
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    stock procomp es9000's

    I have 4 procomp es9000's for a stock rig. nearly new. 100$ obo
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    no brakelights and turnsignals

    I just wired in some trailer lights with the converter doohickey today. When I finished I had my daughter hit the brakes and signals so I could put a test light on the plug. turnsignals and headlights worked fine, no brakelights on my rig or at the plug. At that point all I did was check the...
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    tips for 91 AX-15 trans removal

    My internal slave cylinder took a dump on me last night so I need to go in and replace it. I've never done a clutch/trans but I have the skills and tools, just short on exp. are there any hints or tips that would make the job easier or faster? edit: 91,4.0,AX-15,231
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    Paradise/Chico/Oroville area Meet & Greet

    Short notice, I know.. Saturday 4/17 6pm Roundtable pizza, Paradise Ca.
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    90 part out near chico

    I acquired a 90 limited for parts. head went bad, and the p.o. tore it apart, thats where it ended its life. it's been sitting for a year with windows down and no hood. the body is decent, the rest is parts. ask if you need anything specific and if its good, we can go from there. or 150$ takes...
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    WTB/looking for a jeep for my cousin

    my cousin had her ranger totaled a few months ago and the check finally arrived, now shes' looking for something reliable to drive. being 16 shes' all about the bling and cool factor. being her "responsible" cousin im all about the quality and reliability. If anyone has a rig they want to...
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    Column swap- auto to manual

    I've been searching and havent found if this makes a difference. I know it does matter is the column is going to an auto, but what if the column if from an auto? Im swapping most everything i can from my 92 limited w/AW4 to my 91 2 door manual.
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    hey all i figured it was time to re-introduce myself. i think i did it years ago but have been lurking in the shadows since. My names Josh and im an XJ addict. I currently live real close to ParadiseXJ even though we've never met, and will soon be moving to the Diamond Springs area off of hwy...
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    stock length procomp es9000's

    front and rear, maybe 6 mos old? they came off of my wrecked 92 limited and are too short for my new rig. 100$
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    factory tinted glass, power doors and....

    92 limited i have all 4 doors(power everything), 3 are in perfect shape but the drivers door has a pretty good dent in it from the front of my wifes car when she turned too early backing pics but the door still works just fine. I also have the factory tinted glass from the same rig come...