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  1. soopergoober

    Nate's post v2.0 parts for sale

    Well I'm essentially done with version 2 of the XJ and many of the parts I had are no longer needed. Here they are: Two sets of stock dana 30 shafts. Should probably have joints replaced. Unknown U-joint series. $20 ea. Stock front skid, no hardware. $35...
  2. soopergoober

    Need help finding jamnut

    I'm in sort of a bind. I'm past the point of no return on my long arm install -already cut off the lca mounts - and just realized I'm still missing parts. Doh! Anyone have or know where I can find two left hand 7/8 -14 jam nuts locally? Thanks guys!
  3. soopergoober

    Adjustable trac bar

    Honestly don't remember brand. Jks type, might even be jks. Bought it in a hurry when I was putting on my re 3.5 kit and just took whatever 4wheelparts had in stock. Uses a larger axle-end bolt, which will need to be bought, but is otherwise believed to be in good working order and complete...
  4. soopergoober

    Feeler: 29 spline 8.25 with aussie locker

    Will be available once I get my 44 swapped in. It has no known issues, 3.55 gears, and an aussie that's about a year and a half old. Haven't checked shoe thickness recently, but have new shoes that go with it too.
  5. soopergoober

    Jcr stage 2 sliders

    I've got a set of jcr stage two sliders for sale, these are not the long arm version. Missing a couple self-tappers, but otherwise the hardware is complete. $200.
  6. soopergoober

    Hate to admit it, but I need to hire help..

    This was all supposed to be done by December, but due to some slow shipping and missing parts I didn't get everything in until last week. Had everything come in when expected I could have handled this myself, but my daughter was just born last week (cute as a button) and between work, school...
  7. soopergoober

    WTB: drop pitman

    Looking for a 1", or at least darn close to 1", drop pitman to match my new trac bar setup. Haven't had any luck at the yards finding a v8 zj pitman (which is supposed to be 1" drop). Please let me know if you have one you'd be willing to part with. Thanks, Nate
  8. soopergoober

    WTB: ZJ pitman arm

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a stock zj pitman arm (1" drop over XJ) to match my new trackbar setup. Anyone have one they're willing to part with? Trying to save myself a trip to the junkyard since it's now nice and muddy. Thanks.
  9. soopergoober

    Soopergoober's UberSuper XJ build thread...

    I suppose it's time to start one. After two attempts to sell the XJ over my year on unemployment things are starting to turn around and it's time to start the next stage of the build. I sold my little classic toyota today to fund the project. She will be missed, but the family is growing...
  10. soopergoober

    WTB: Dana 30

    I'm planning a major overhaul/rebuild of the rig and I'm going to end up selling my under-the-tube trussed dana 30 so I need a new one to start from scratch on. The cheaper the better. I'll be puttin gears/shafts/full case locker in it so just a housing with knuckles and good...
  11. soopergoober

    Where to get a flywheel machined local?

    Hey guys/gals Doing a clutch on my '82 toyota starlet and want to know if anyone knows of a good machine shop to resurface the flywheel at local to placentia/yorba linda? Haven't started yet but wanted to know just in case it's too bell shaped to resurface by hand. Thanks. Nate
  12. soopergoober

    My 1998 XJ - Feeler/Taking trade

    Like the title says, this is my 1998 XJ 4-door. This rig started life as a 2wd and was converted to 4x4 about a year and a half ago. Runs Great. 4.0 Automatic. Rubicon express 3.5 super ride kit with extra stock spacer in the front. 32x11.5x15 BFG A/Ts on American Racing 5 spokes. Aussie...
  13. soopergoober

    Goodbye San Diego, Hello Orange County

    Well, I'm just about done moving and I wanted to say goodbye to all the San Diego area NAXJA peeps. It's been fun and surely we'll still see each other on the trails. Also, I'll take the opportunity to say hello to everyone in Orange County and the surrounding areas. I just moved to...
  14. soopergoober

    1998 aw4 into a 1996

    In the middle of helping someone put a 1998 2wd aw4 into a 1996 2wd and would like to know what exactly I need to do to make the 1998 compatible with the 1996 wiring and tcu. Thank in advance and yes I've searched.
  15. soopergoober

    Need a professional tool shopping list please

    So here's the deal. I just found out that while I'm in technical school I get 50% off on any snap-on product. I'd like to have a complete kit suitable for a profesional auto tech pieced together before the program ends in a year at which point I'll have to put together a kit at or near retail...
  16. soopergoober

    1998 2wd aw4 into a 1995 2wd

    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my spare 2wd aw4 from a 1998 4.0 and potential buyer is hoping to put it in his '95 2wd. Is the speed sensor the only thing that needs changed over to make it work in a 95? Thanks for any input.
  17. soopergoober

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Rock Auto sent me a discount code. Use it up guys. Copy of email: Your discount code is: 31412232574637 Using Your Discount Code Enter the code above in the "How did you hear about us" line of the shopping cart. If you are using our traditional HTML catalog, please click the "Apply"...
  18. soopergoober

    Polished A Turdy (pics)

    Put in a trussed Dana 30 with an Aussie over the weekend. I think it came out okay. Thanks again to Marc (CaliXJ) for the help. I have to rip it apart again though - the inner seals either tore or didn't seat quite right and leak :cry:.
  19. soopergoober

    The crap you find on Ebay...

    Todays find: WTF, a CJ-5 Gremlin! Really?
  20. soopergoober

    rock auto discount code