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  1. vetteboy

    Rob dun borked the board.

    :gag: :nosmile:
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    THe Lots-O-Trading-Post Thread

    Please place your whining and bitching here. - the management :)
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    NV4500 conversion kit from AA w/transmission

    I'm bored so I'll give this a shot. This is a 'handyman special' kinda deal, like most of my for-sale items end up being. :laugh: Basically this is most of what you'll need to replace an AX15 or AW4 (you'd need to supply the pedal assembly/clutch kit/etc) with a NV4500 trans... What I'm...
  4. vetteboy

    '93 Explorer 8.8 - $50 NJ

    8.8 from a '93 Explorer, 3.27 gears, open, drum brakes (needs new shoes), 130k miles, spins nicely, lug studs cut down to fit 1.25" wheel spacers. Local pickup or I'll drop it off somewhere if it's not far out of my way. You know you want it.
  5. vetteboy

    WTB: '96-'98 V8 ZJ front driveshaft

    I think any of those years should work, it's for my 5.9 ZJ. I'm not concerned about keeping the CV joint at the diff end. Compressed length is somewhere around 29-5/8".
  6. vetteboy

    Rocktoberfest Roll Call

    Hey guys - I tried reading through the main thread to get an idea of who's gonna be there, but for various reasons a lot of people's circumstances have changed since posting in that thread. So let's keep the discussion in here to a minimum...if you're going, please just post up how many people...
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    Rocktoberfest 2011 - October 21st-23rd, Rausch Creek PA

    OK - so y'all can start planning, we'll make this official. October 21st-23rd it is. I know a lot of people have stuff going on this month, so if you're planning on coming to this event, please post up here in the next few days so we can have an idea of the turnout. We'd still like to do the...
  8. vetteboy

    Anyone have access to a 30+ ton puller?

    We've got this gearbox at work with a big coupler on it, and it ain't coming off. The biggest puller in our shop is ~17 tons and we have a high-flowing oxy/acetylene rosebud torch (with twin fuel tanks)...the combination of these two tools with a BFH isn't working. Our shop is located in...
  9. vetteboy

    Stuff re: Twin Grove campground

    Now that we've all had a few days to decompress. I haven't heard from Missy yet - which I guess is a good thing - but I do want to call her anyway, for two reasons: 1. Make sure everything was good after everyone left...I did a foot patrol of all the campsites before I got out of there, but...
  10. vetteboy

    Non-0331 head issues, need some anatomy gurus

    This is on my race jeep, 4.6 stroker with a '97 block and '94 head. The head is bone stock so I guess this belongs here. Last race I overheated the crap outta the motor- like well past the red. Since then a compression test checks out ok, but it's got a serious coolant consumption problem and...
  11. vetteboy

    BOD contact info

    Alrighty guys - guess it's time to start doing stuff! I was gonna PM this but figured this forum has limited-enough access that it's not a big deal. Probably good to have it accessible (and edit-able) anyway. I'd like to have a phone # and email for everyone 'cause pretty much the only NAXJA...
  12. vetteboy

    Hey NJ guys - anyone got a spare long-side inner D44 shaft?

    As the title says - looking for a long-side inner D44 shaft for a 78/79 Ford, hopefully somewhat local to the red bank/middletown, NJ area. Kinda urgent as it's for my buddy's plow truck and he's broken down at the moment. Feel free to give me a call/text at 732.996.2418 if anyone has one...
  13. vetteboy

    THe asp Lots-O-Craigslist Thread

    :D Just sayin.
  14. vetteboy

    '92 ECU in '94 XJ...weird stuff happening.

    My stock '94 ECU fried after 180k flawless miles...after mounting it horizontally with the coilover swap, it filled up with water. Oops. So I grabbed the ECU out of my '92 parts XJ, and everything worked fine off the bat. After a few trips it threw a trouble code for 'ballast resistor relay...
  15. vetteboy

    Rusty's 6.5" coils FS, $100+shipping

    Like the title says, I have a pair of Rusty's 6.5" coils taking up space in my shed. I ran them for about a year and they worked great, but have since gone to coilovers up front. $100 OBO + shipping to anywhere. I know someone was askin' about them a while ago, if you're that person remind me...
  16. vetteboy

    Have fun everyone, I'm punchin out -

    My new tire isn't getting here til Friday, steering box is more screwed than I thought, fuel pump needs to be reworked, and the rear brake pads on my tow rig just ate the rotors the hell and now I gotta do those too. Sad to say but I'm gonna have to skip this one, just ain't enough time or...
  17. vetteboy

    Qty. 2 1.5" poly coil spacers

    Like the title says, I have 2 1.5" coil spacers for sale. They've been in use for around 6 years at this point, and they look like they've seen 6 years of trail riding, but they are still 1.5" spacers and would still yield that much lift on your rig. Lookin for $20 + shipping, if you can pick...
  18. vetteboy

    Qty. 4 Bilstein 5125 12" shocks

    Sellin the shocks off my rig; like my other post, I'm changing over to coilovers and don't need them anymore. These have thru-holes at both ends, no stud mount. I'll throw in two of these little adapter things I made: They're in pretty good condition; all 4 still perform like new. The...
  19. vetteboy

    Qty. 2 Rusty's 6.5" coils

    I have two Rusty's 6.5" coils for sale off my rig. Goin' coilovers up front and I don't need 'em anymore. After pulling them, one coil has a little bit of an arc to it. Not sure why, but I never noticed it on the rig and it certainly didn't perform any different than the straight one. These...
  20. vetteboy

    Attn: tent camping people, lost maglite

    Just a quick request: will whoever picked up the red beat-up maglite off the picnic table Sunday morning shoot me a PM, I'd like to get it back eventually. It's got an LED conversion bulb and is the 2 D-cell model if that helps identify it. :)