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    WTB 4.0L Oil Pan

    Do any of you guys have an extra oil pan laying around? I want to get my Junk drivable again.
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    Jeep or RZR

    So ive been thinking recently. Should I sell the Jeep and save for one of those RZR's? or keep the Jeep. I want to put my Jeep on tons and 37's or 39.5s, but the more i got to thining about that is why? With the Con being paved, and the closure of our 4x4 trails, do i really need a crawler? Yea...
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    Rachel Gray

    So I just sent one of the moderators a PM regarding her situation. Hopefully we can get it on the front page but I may need the Sierra Chapter to help. For those of you who dont know, Rachel Gray was in a tragic accident 2 weekends ago on the Jeepers Jamboree. She is suffering from SEVERE...
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    Soup Bowl

    It denied me.. its def time for a rear locker! btw the Con was awesome as usual. Got to Ellis at midnight. party1:
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    WTB Dana 30 Chromo Inners

    im looking to get chromo inners for this summer, so if i break its just a stub shaft or u-joint and dont have to fish out a broken shaft from the carrier. What brand do you recommend? And who's the cheapest?
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    WTB Dana 30 axle shafts

    Looking for some spare shafts for summer. Let me know what you guys got! -Connor
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    Deer Valley Closed?

    Ummm what's this about?
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    Loud clunking noise

    Ok guys I got a question for you. I'm getting this really weird and random clunking noise. Basically when I turn my Jeep on it clunks (like my exhaust is banging against something) then it doesn't do it. Once I put it in drive or reverse it makes a metal on metal noise. The best way I can...
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    Queensland Heeler Stray

    So my friend had a stray dog spend the night on her porch last night in the snow. She can't keep him since she has two dogs already. I want him but here's my dilemma. My condo doesn't have a backyard -but he apparently is very calm and it will make my lazy butt get off the couch and go...
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    Rubicon Dec 27th.

    Doing a day trip to the Con. Who is in? Also i need to find 30 shafts before i go.. Anybody have some lying around they are willing to sell or lend to me for the day (if I break it i buy it =) )
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    Warn XD9000i

    Since the studs on the motor are rusted, I have to replace the motor in my XD9000i winch. Id rather just get an XRC8 instead of fix this. It also comes with wireless winch controller set-up and line. havent used the wireless set-up because i only used my controller (which got stolen). Im...
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    Mormon Emigrant Snow Run

    Ill be home for a few weeks at the end of December and beginning of January. Was hoping to get a snow run in with some NAXJA guys cause I had a good time last year. Anybody in for an unofficial Sierra Chapter snow run up Mormon Emigrant? :eyes:
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    Rig of the Month Contest

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could do me a small favor... I entered in a Rig of the Month Contest on Facebook. So if all you facebookers could like my picture that would be awesome. If i get in the top 3 i get a free t-shirt (on a college budget =p) Heres the facebook page...
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    Spare 35" tire

    Who has one? I need to get a Spare before the Con trip. Thanks guys
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    Rubicon This weekend 19-21st

    Does anybody want to hit the Rubicon with me this weekend. I have a group of friends from Reno coming in through Tahoe side. Sadly, im down here so Im gonna have to go through Loon side. Does anybody want to go in with me? :cheers:
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    Help a Central California Trail Win A $4000 Grant

    Vote for Dusy-Ershim Trail to be a BFG outstanding trail and get a $4000 grant to install outhouses.
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    Dana 44 vs 8.25

    School me on the pros and cons of upgrading from a 8.25 29 spline to an XJ Dana 44. Im looking to possibly upgrade. Tire size will be 35's but could possibly go bigger later down the road.
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    The Blue Wolf Blog

    So heres my build thread/blog. It's called The Blue Wolf because my college mascot is the wolf and my jeep is blue. Its also ironic because my dads old Cherokee was called Grey wolf. It's a 2001 Cherokee Sport. I love this Jeep to death. It gets me where i want to go, and in return i buy it new...
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    Dana 30 Aussie Locker

    Brand New Dana 30 Aussie Locker. Never been used, still in box with instructions and sticker! Asking $225. Thanks
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    UNR Students?

    Anybody one here go to the University of Nevada Reno? i will most llikely be going there next year, and wanted to see if there are any fellow XJ'ers i can meet up with. I also got a question for you guys. Im looking into a t-case skid plate right now. Rusty's has a engine/tcase skid, but it...