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    What leafs?

    i need to get my jeep back up to like 8 inches. i don't really want to use the 63 inch chevys but what about just some reagualr 4x4 chevy leafs? or f 150 leafs?? i tried searchin but i couldn't find anything that put me up this high? thanx kent
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    Sean P's junk is junk!!

    went to fordyce this weekend. with lee frecken my steering broke right at the weld on the heim bung?? clear straight brake!! rewelded it probley better than the orginal!! I want my lifetime warrenty!! but anyways just wanted to tell u that the wels on that steering arn't so good!! Its...
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    engine codes

    had my check engien light come on got the codes 15 no vehicle spped signal (i know what that is) 17 sustanted low engine temp (not a problem) 21 o2 sensore not switching (Just replace it?? or soemting else?) 76 ballast bypass relay crt (dont know??????) 35 radiator fan not switching (i knmow...
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    memorial day weekend

    whats everyone doing for memorial weekend?? hear the con has a lot of snow and mud(not good). anyone going anywhere cool?? i might be going to moonrocks i heard that place was pretty sick! stoney
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    check engine light

    hey i gotta get my jeep smoged and i have a check engine light on. anyone have a scanner in the sac area?? how bout a way to check the codes?? thanx stoney
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    Hey you'll

    i think my jeep is now ready to roll with everyone and NOT get laughed at! got the SBS kit on last weekend welded up all the cracks have a front tow hook bracket, and spare tire!!! Have long arms all hooked up, and the rear leaf springs that were craking off have been repaired! maybe this year...
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    tow hook bracket

    i have a tow hook bracket for the driver side. want to really sell it locally. i am thinkin 50 bucks. give me a call u if want it. 916 223 5795 kent
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    xj/mj lift kits

    So i talked to this guy the other day with an MJ, he said that rubicon xpress doesn't make a bigger kit than 5.5 for an MJ??? he said that rubicon xpress told him that they were different in the front end?? i know the leaf spring are different but why did rubicon xpress say that?? i think there...
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    stock xj coils

    looking for some stock xj coils. prefeably near sac. stoney
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    steering box brace

    anyone have a steering box brace i need one b4 this summer!! otherwise no wheeling. stoney
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    couple XJ's at rocklin pnp

    was jsut there today! an 89 with a nice looking, complete engine. and there was a 2 door with good body. stoney
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    XJ stuff on a sami!

    i am thinking, cuz unibodies are GAY that i should take me xj stuff, i.e. engine tranny t case, axles and suspsion on a samuria. they have a frame and are good size. just wondering ur guys opions! stoney
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    the con on labor day!

    ran the con this weekend. EMPTY we probly saw 10 people there this whole weekend. so for those of u u thought it was going to be busy! :looser: HA HA. awesome weekend. no one there jsut got to hang out!! stoney
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    dome lights staying on

    i went wheelin this weekend and now my dome lights are staying on? i took my doors off but i pulled the switches out so thats not the problem. i just can't figure it out. light knob doesn't do anything closed all doors????????????????????// so now i jsut pull the dome fuse out but i can't do...
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    THE con!!!!!!!

    u guys shoulda came!! it was fun!! didn't break once! drove in fri then came out sat! long arms are bling bling!! not iam in tahoe parting!!!!!! who hoooo!!!!!! can't wait to show u all at swap in 2 weeks!! stoney
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    long arms are done

    long arms are done and installed!! test drove it today out at parie city! over heated and blew a radiator hose. so jeep will b up and running today and ready for the con this weekend! long arms are bling bling! stoney
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    new 4th run!

    i am thinking about goin in to the con on fri. maybe spending the day at spider on sat! testin out my new long arms if everything goes right!! let me know if u want to go! stoney
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    ez locker dana 30

    dana 30 ez locker used! i think it needs a rebuild kit which i belive is like 8 bucks! everything should b there! $75 bucks. stoney
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    And u guys doubted me!!

    i got my jeep runnin yesterday. put the 96 brake system in!! the unit itself bolted right in no drilling or grinding required!! fab'd some brake lines and boom! it works, better than it did b4 i took out the old abs system that was broken. so just need to fix some cracks and i am ready...
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    proportioning valve

    i am puttin my brake lines bake together and one of the wholes where the lines screw in is bigger. i was wondering if it matters where that line goes (left side, right side, back) thanx for the help! stoney