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    Speedo Plug

    I'm going to be doing a SYE kit soon and am getting things together. I got the speed sensor and gear but am coming up blank for the plug so it can be wired. My 86 XJ has a mechanical speedo and am going to run a aftermarket electronic speedo. My question is, does anyone know what plug is needed...
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    Coolant Temp Sender

    I've been going rounds with the local parts places for a temp sender with gauge for my 86 XJ. The parts places only show it as a light not gauge and kept getting the wrong sender. With the sender I have, the engine can run 5 minutes from dead cold and the gauge will max. I do have a sender for a...
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    Front Skid Plate - Year Difference?

    I want to get a engine skid/steering protection plate. I've seen a couple different OE versions, but they look different and it looks like there is a year break in them. I'm looking at one off a 98 to put on my 86. My main reason for this is my radiator is mounted low, right off the bottom of...
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    Congrats 96 Classic! 4WOR Cover

    Congrats to 96 Classic for making the Dec cover of 4 Wheel and Off Road!
  5. J

    Another XJ guy in MI

    Well, I guess this is the Midwest chapter and seeing I reside in said area, here I am. Hold your applause, but US funds will be accepted instead. :wave: I'm currently building a 86 XJ that came from the original owner. Here is my build thread in Mod Tech. See wacha think...
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    New guy and project pics

    Well, I'd say I'm new here, but I registered a couple years ago and a few months later the server here crashed losing my membership leaving me to troll here again. I'm back. :wierd: My current project is a primo (for Michigan) one owner 86 XJ that I got for $100 as a roller. Since there was no...