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    Why Spectra radiators suck

    The 4 year old radiator in my XJ decided to split a tank yesterday. Being in a hurry and Autozone having one in stock, I purchased a Duralast (Spectra really) A1193. Got the old radiator out and laid them side by side and noticed a very bad design flaw in the Spectra - The trans cooler is...
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    Sylvania Zevo LED's

    After playing with various LED tail and turn signal lights and never really being happy with them, I think I have finally found what I am looking for. All of those multi-led units that are in Ebay and Amazon and superbrightled...they are all crap. I hadn't found any that gave acceptable...
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    Renix fuel rail return line

    A friend has a Renix and is needing the plastic clip that goes on the quick disconnect on the return line on the fuel rail. Dealers are all saying not available. Anyone have a source or any other solution? Thanks!
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    Durango 160a Alternator install

    Well it was time for a new alternator, so I started looking at options. First thought was just the 137A from the ZJ, but I didn't like needing to rewire anything to match the terminals on the back of the alternator. When I looked at the Durango version, the plugs matched my 99, so that made it...
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    How much HP lost with the stock dented downtube?

    Probably less than you think.
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    WTB: 242 T-case

    Jeep version, preferably out of a XJ.
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    NAGCA got nothin on this place

    I was hoping to find a NAXJA equivalent for my WJ. I don't know how anyone there gets through life. Seems that if it isn't a bolt-on-out-of-the-box or a dealer-fix-it item, they are lost. Anyone have a good Grand Chero forum? HINT - not JU.
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    Just bought a WJ

    2001 with a 4.7. Was going to buy, fix a couple things, then flip for a few extra $$. But darn it, it is comfortable. It drives nice. I think I'm sick.
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    Spark and fuel maps

    Anyone have a good fuel and spark map for a 4.0?
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    Rubicon Express...coming back!

    Scheduled to be up and running again by Aug 1. EDIT - oops, just saw it was posted over in non-tech.
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    Rubicon Express

    We are happy they are coming back. Look to be totally reopen by Aug 1. They were purchased by Transamerica/4 Wheel Parts. This works very well for our team. And I can finally get going on my XJ project again.
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    I have now mastered the art of...

    ...welding broken housings in the middle of nowhere with a stick welder. Last race...front beam. This race...9" rear axle tube. Now that I have mastered it, I don't ever want to do it again.
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    New front goodness

    Sneak peek...
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    Is this bad?

    I think so...
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    Who is going? We'll be there.
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    Mid 90's parting out...

    Not mine - just found it on craigslist -
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    Busted fuel line fitting...and a sweet fix

    So Thursday during some basic maintenance I found the source of a small fuel leak. I thought I needed the o-rings for the fitting, but it turns out the fitting was cracked. A little pressure while I was checking it and it broke. I guess better in the garage than on the highway. Dealer...
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    Fuel Press regulator vacuum line

    Anyone have a source for the stock line? Neither of my local dealerships can even find the part in their system. I could ghettofab something but I like the look of the stock one. It would be easy if they used the same size fitting at each end. Thanks!
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    Gotta love Brown Dog!

    Ordered my engine mounts around 9:30 yesterday morning. At 11:30 a guy pulls up in a Jeep and drops them off. Now THAT is service!
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    TCU or NSS?

    Not being able to search for 3 letter words really makes this difficult sometimes! The trans in my 91 (AW4 behind a 4.0) shifts a little too high going from 1-2 and 2-3. Sometimes I even need to lift on the throttle a little to get it to upshift. When putting the shifter in the 1-2 position...