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    hyrdro boost brakes

    i had them on a CJ about ten yrs. ago, they worked great stopping 37's on heavy steel beadlocks,dana 44 , w/ a 4.1 dana 300 & auto trans. the same vanco kit now is almost double in im in a xj w/ heavy 36's on heavy steel wheels, 4.1 241 tc w/ auto trans . the wj brake conversion has...
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    27 or 30 spline stub

    so going w/ the 30 spline alloy inner shafts when my front diff. gets a locker, opinions on the alloy 30 spline stubs , which also means 30 sp. unit bearings. its gets expensive & harder parts to find. option is use my 27 sp. alloy stubs & matching stock 27 sp. unit bears, both of which i have...
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    my winter projects / upgrades

    in my constant search to spend money on my jeep, every winter i find new ways to do it. this year , rcv axles, psc ram assist steering, clayton adjustable shackles. why ? last trip out broke a chomoly short inner & it took the u joint too, 36 " swampers at 8 lbs are getting harder to push...
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    weld it or clamp it

    attaching ram assist to a aluminum tie rod,whats the recomendation here ? tie rod is 1 1/2" od
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    hydro assist steering

    getting ready to do this on my 98 , any tips / advice , thinking psc ram & ps box.
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    ram man inc locking hubs

    anyone here have them / use them / opinions ? its a great idea , but high dollar. what say ya'll
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    rear side door armor

    does anyone make a 3/16 " steel preformed plate to the side rear doors ? from just below the door handle down would work fine for me. would be nice to cover all the crinkles & dents w/ something strong enough to prevent getting more. i know a metal shop w/ a brake & roller can custom make me a...
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    maxxis tires source

    might get some creepy crawlers this year, who has the best deal on them ? also anyone here using eaton beadlocks , what do you think of them /
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    motor mount torque value

    of the large bolt, just installed some ironman fab rubber in the center ones. whats the recommended torque for the big bolt, ive heard too tight can make the vibes worse ? right now i barely snugged them & there are some vibes, will tighter help of make it worse ?
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    i got a buzz

    so my 98 xj is not running , no key in it ,yet a loud buzz / hum sound is coming from under the hood yesterday . pop the hood its coming from the cruise control servo motor, only way to stop it was disco battery. left batt. unhooked for a few hrs. while i pondered the situation , hooked batt...
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    np241or tc question

    installing one this week, what is the position of the shift lever arm on the tc when its in 2wd ? thx for the info.
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    superlift truspeed still available ?

    swapping in a 241 tc, it seems i will need this to correct my speedo. cant seem to find them anywhere, is there a other option out there ? thx.
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    tc yoke quality vs price

    the object a 32 spline cv yoke for a np241 tc swap, i find yokes from $36- $125, some $60-75, is the cheap one cheap quality & the $125 high quality just overpriced ? i dont mind paying for a quality part ,but dont want to be overcharged for it. any advice or anyone done the swap , what yokes...
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    nvg 241 or transfer case w/ 4.1

    where to buy one, anybody got a source ? thx
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    idle is too fast ?

    start it idle jumps to 1800 rpm , after 10 seconds drops to 1500 and stays there ? 98, 4.0 , auto, 140 k miles, stock motor, any ideas ? thx
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    oro u turn steering system

    anyone using this kit ? pros/ cons .would a currie kit be a better choice ? im at 5" of lift w/ 3 link long arms, 35" tires. been using the zj setup for the last 2 yrs. thinking of upgrading to a stronger / different style kit. what you all say ? thx
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    arb headlight harness upgrade

    anyone know the arb part # for the xj harness ? i seem to find 3 different #'s at 3 different prices , whats right for the xj ? wf-12 $71 wr-1 $94 moo2 $124 whats the difference, whats right . thx
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    new tire , cooper stt pro

    any one running this tire yet ? i know its a bfg copy , but way cheaper & cooper makes a good tire. i now run the cooper stt & its a great tire.
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    wide rear tires w/ narrow fronts

    anyone run this combo, say like a 12.5 rear and 9.50 or 10.5 front tire ? any pros or cons on this setup. of course same diameter & off road use only. seen some off road only jeeps at events doing this set up.