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    Group Buy!

    Well, it should be; as in - everybody in the group should probably have some of this stuff. Everyone in the group should probably buy this for their first aid kit. Considering the time that might elapse between a serious injury and medical assistance, "bleeding out" is a seldom, but major...
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    Sat Gold Mountain Run (lost o' pics!)

    OK, not that you've opened it - I just wanted to say GREAT Job! to Rabbit, who led the run. He did a great job and took care of each jeeper to the level of their needs. Supportive, encouraging, but not patronizing - kept the group together and managed - anybody that needed help never had to...
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    I'm Here!!

    Serrano space #94 is occupado! It's about 35 degrees outside as of 11pm. The tent is cozy (it's our new tent!) and nice. It's probably not as warm as our old tent, but it's not as cold as in years past. Tonight will probably stay above 30, and in years past has been in the teens! We will...
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    Railroad request?

    I'm buying the winch from zjmikey. He's in Orange/Irvine and I'm in Valencia/upperSanFernandoValley. Anyone going between there (or close) Wednesday (pick up from mikey) and before Saturday (meet with me)? I'd appreciate it! :worship: bburge
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    The New Clutch

    So after busting my slave cylinder on Holcomb Creek on Saturday and getting down the mountain via flatbed - I felt that it was probably a minor failure but would require replacing _everything_ inside the bell housing. I was wrong and we did the right thing. The REAL work begins: This was...
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    Guns, guns, guns guns....

    I just wanted to get Remi to read this one... :woohoo: Thanks REMI!!! I needed a flatbed tow from Big Bear and was going to use my AAA plus membership which gets me 100 miles. I was going to have to pay the rest at about $7 a mile. Remi lent me his AAA Premium, since he hadn't had a long...
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    Home again, home again...

    We got home about 1:30pm, with the jeep shortly behind... Long night, long day. Now the fun begins. Seems the Jeep Shop where I used to get stuff like rear main seal and other stuff I didn't feel like (or comfortable) done - has gone out of business! Seems I'm a crummy customer! Dang, too...
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    CARnage thread

    I don't think there was too much. I ran Deep Creek and then we hit Holcomb Creek from west to east. After bouncing my way through the middle (muddy) rock garden, I came out of the rocks with no clutch pedal - squish to the floor. I blew out my clutch slave cylinder. So I drove the rest of...
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    We're here!

    We're here and in site 92/93. Got here about 9ish and just finmished getting camp most of the way set up. It's cold, but not THAT cold. It will get colder later... I currently show about 45 degrees. It's breezy, but not windy. I wonder if it will get windy later too? ;-) I'll be up for...
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    Feed Me Seymour....

    How's dinner being handled for Saturday night? Enquiring bellies wanna know!!! :pig: bburge
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    Big Bear Success!!!

    I'd like to be the first to throw a BIG THANKS! to Sequoia and Capt. Ron making last night's dinner and raffle a big success. The trail clean up went well and fast with a fabulous turnout. Mike Rollins led a very enjoyable Holcumb Creek run. Capt Ron with the help of his wonderful wife...
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    Trail Work: Dinner Saturday

    If dinner Saturday is $7; does that cover the entire meal? Side dishs? etc? plates and utensils? bburge
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    Trail Work: What tools?

    Is the Forest Service providing tools again? I'll be bringing a rake, shovel and pruners... As well as plenty of gloves and sturdy boots. PLEASE remember to bring sturdy gloves.... bburge
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    Trail Kids

    (for Mikey! ;-) We do pretty good at being a family outing. I must admit that on overnight trips I like to sit in front of my tent with a beer or three and yabber; but I will always be kid acceptable (if any are around). I would have not been comfortble about having either of my kids around...
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    No LA Co Meet & Greet

    When are we gonna have one? I was thinking some place near the 101 and 405 would provide access to the most LA and San Fernando Valley people and maybe Antelope Valley... Anyone think of a good place to get together for a burger or a beer in that area? bburge
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    Tierra del Sol Desert Safari

    Looks like me and my boy will be there. We'll probably camp closer to the central "verdor" area - access to bathrooms and food. We'll be tent camping and cooking very little. Is cereal cooking? I'll probably be hauling more firewood than anything esle - it was dang cold at night last year...
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    Crunch from Denver won the XJ!!!!

    (for those that don't find it in the other post...) Crunch from Denver won the XJ!!!! bburge
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    We're Here!!!!

    OK, all caps is shouting... But I'm SHOUTING!!! :party: I never believed that I'd get here - BUT I AM!!! bburge