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  1. boostamante

    Doors, Trans, T-case, And other various parts

    Auto trans from a 91 Jeep with about 200xxx miles -200 T-case with SYE -250 Dual Diaphragm Brake booster and Master Cylinder with all the lines including brake prop valve -100 All 4 doors from a 91 jeep Cherokee-100 Warn Winch VR-8000 with Synthetic Winch line-550 Porno Red Interior seats ( no...
  2. boostamante

    F/S: 1991 Jeep Cherokee

    She's for sale Price is 6k May consider part out Dana44\60 combo Locked front and Rear Bilstein 7100's all around Warn Winch, Metal bumpers front and rear...
  3. boostamante

    Alpine INA-W900 Double Din Head Unit

    Will let it go for 200 here.
  4. boostamante

    Any Free camping recomendations?

    I'm broke and trying to make this trip as cheap as possible for me. Any suggestions?
  5. boostamante

    Meet N greet

    We haven't had one in a while. What gives? Do you guys not like to hang out anymore? :kissyou:
  6. boostamante

    Paintless Dent repair. Anyone know a good place?

    Some D- Bag put a nice dent in the hatch of my Honda. Not too happy and it's an eye sore. Any of you guys know a guy or shop that does good work and wont rip you off?
  7. boostamante

    Glowing red Exhaust .. woah!

    So Saturday night Cracker, Russ, Beamer and myself finished up and engine swap around 11pm. After finally getting it fired up and Russ holding it to about 3,000 rpm's we noticed the down pipe glowing red. We immediately cut it off and looked at each other with the "holy shit" look on our...
  8. boostamante

    FS: JCR Front Bumper $200

    Selling my JCR front bumper. Comes as pictured. Located in Compton but can train it as far as Temecula. Jeep will also be in San Dimas @ Dirt Bound Off road so it can me left there as well.
  9. boostamante

    Adopt this dog

    Found her a couple weeks back roaming the streets of Compton with a extension cord for a collar :/ Apparently someone no longer wanted her as i found out that the owner wanted to get rid of her cause she was tied up most the time and barking, which led to Animal control coming over and...
  10. boostamante

    91 HO Valve cover Elbows

    I'm trying to figure out if O'rielly sold me the wrong elbow for the back of the valve cover. Originally the one in the back had a small orifice and the one i bought was hollow like the one up front ( closest to the radiator). So did they sell me the wrong one? Also, how would it affect the...
  11. boostamante

    RC KOH .. well Kinda

    Will be held the day after the Main KOH race. I'll be there ;)
  12. boostamante

    RE Leaf pack Bushings Gone to crap!

    So I bought some 5.5" HD leaf packs about 1 year ago and the busnings up front slide around and the rears are completely shot. Anyone else have this problem? I mostly drive my XJ to and from the trail and it see's very little street use outside of that as it's not my DD. Wondering if RE will...
  13. boostamante

    1981 Coleman Pop Up Tent trailer

    Up for sale again ;) Works great! Very Basic, no electric hook up but it does have a place for a 12v battery. Tows nicely behind the jeep. $400 for Naxja Members
  14. boostamante

    JKS Bar Pin Adapters $50

    Selling some non Used JKS bar pin adapters. Used them for mocking up the shocks but never ran them. Will ship on your dime ;) Paypal Accepted
  15. boostamante

    FS: Sway bar mount extebders

    Selling these adapter chingaderas that drop the sway bars down so u can attach them to your Pinchi sway bar links. $20 Add 5 if you want them shipped. Paypal accepted. Will post pics later ( posting from work ) :eyes:
  16. boostamante

    Pit Pup needs a home

    Our neighbors are moving and can't take the dog with them. She's a 1 year old ish pup with lots of energy. She isn't fixed so if you're into having lil pups, then that might be s good thing? She's a pit from what I can tell and doesnt seem to be mixed with anything, but I'm no dog expert. Dog...
  17. boostamante

    Sturdy Cell phone mount Smartphones in an XJ ?

    Anyone run anything like this in their rigs? I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Finally figured out how to use Backcountry navigator and would like to purchase a mount that will hold up to wheelin'. Anyone have anything they recommend? ALso, If it works out with the S3, I may consider a 7"...
  18. boostamante

    Need to rant abut some Tone...

    So I find out today that one of the Teachers from my sons old school in El Segundo was arrested for molesting 5th grade boys ( kids mom sent me a text ) I find it very...
  19. boostamante

    Temecula bound later today

    Heading out around 12 ish. If anyone needs anything trained back let me know. Son gets out of school @ 3:20 from Helen Hunt. So i'll be hanging in the area till he's out. Thinking of sticking around till 5 to head back to Compton. Did that on Monday and traffic was a breeze till i hit...
  20. boostamante

    1983 coleman Pop up tent trailer

    It's on CL right meow. Will consider lowering the price for fellow XJ owners.