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  1. jeeperjohn

    Got married Friday

    Tied the knot at Dana Point harbor on Friday. Check out my facebook for pix.
  2. jeeperjohn

    Big Bear June 5 or 6?

    Going to big bear next week on Wed the 4th. Planning to do some wheeling the 5th and 6th. Probably do Gold Mountain and possibly Holcomb creek. Anybody down?
  3. jeeperjohn

    WTB pass side mirror or whole door.

    So I flopped my junk and it tore up the mount for the passenger side mirror. The door is kinda bent up too. I could use a mirror or a whole door. I also need a rear hatch. Kayle may have me taken care of on this but just in case.........
  4. jeeperjohn

    Live KOH coverage?

    I went to pirate TV but there was not any live coverage like in the past. Where will there be live coverage?
  5. jeeperjohn

    Whad'ya think?

    So I have been putting some thought into building a front axle that is light weight (relatively speaking) and strong enough to handle 35's all day long with no issues. I want to use readily available parts like what is stock on a D30. So.......... Here is my thought: Since the last weak point...
  6. jeeperjohn

    WTB right rear pass window

    Went to truckhaven this weekend and busted my right rear door window on 1000 dollar hill. I could use a whole door if the price is right.
  7. jeeperjohn

    Merry Christmas SOCAL!

    I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a great new year filled with win!
  8. jeeperjohn

    Non XJ kitchen table and tv stand

    Solid oak kitchen table with tile inlay on top. This table has a leaf that folds and stores under the table top. Converts from round to oblong. Perfect for a small family or a dorm or apartment. TV stand $40 or Best offer Table $150
  9. jeeperjohn

    free A/C parts

    Got a drier, condenser and hoses free. I have a good compressor I would trade for a bad one as long as it has good bearings in the clutch.
  10. jeeperjohn

    Membership issues

    As most everyone has seen, my membership status has lapsed. I cannot view the member section at the moment so I am posting here as to why this happened. At last year's socalfest I won a one year extension of my membership. I thought that had been properly applied but it seems to have not been. I...
  11. jeeperjohn

    Last minute swap party

    Get your minds out of the gutter guys, no wives or girlfriends involved here (unless they can wrench). Planning to start about 9 Sunday morning. If you'd like to be involved text me, nein fi wun tu tu fi fi fi fi wun. Thanks
  12. jeeperjohn

    125cc scooter for sale

    I have a China made 125cc scooter for sale. It is an eagle craft, blue in color. It will do about 55. It has never been registered. Mileage is about 100 miles ( I only used it to give the kids rides around the neighborhood with ) Asking $600.
  13. jeeperjohn

    I need a motor

    Blew the motor on the way to Corral Canyon. Anybody got one available?
  14. jeeperjohn

    Free grease!

    I got a 5 gallon bucket of high temp red grease given to me so I am passing it along. If anybody wants some just bring your own container and I will fill it up. I also have about 20 gallons of 75W90 gear oil, also free (limit 3 quarts per person :D).
  15. jeeperjohn

    HBD Grimmjeeper!

    HBD Mike, we miss you on here.
  16. jeeperjohn

    Feeler: Snap On muscle Mig 110V welder

    I am considering selling my Snap On muscle mig 140 110V welder because I am paying my EX wife alomost half of my damn paycheck. This is an awesome machine with some very cool features. It has stitch mode, spot mode and a purge button. The actual mig box can be unattached from the main unit and...
  17. jeeperjohn

    Some JV info

    Another member passed this info on to me today. See attachment.
  18. jeeperjohn

    Prayers for the family of LAPD cops

    As many of you know, a rogue former LA PD cop has been hunting down and killing the family of LAPD cops he had issues with. He has also killed at least one officer from Riverside. I ask those of you who pray to keep these folks and the families of LAPD officers who are being targeted in your...
  19. jeeperjohn


    Mark your calendars folks! Socalfest will be held in Big Bear again this year, April 26-28. There will be runs for all build levels, a raffle, t-shirts and other goodies for sale and comeraderie for all! Keep an eye on this thread for updates.
  20. jeeperjohn

    Happy New Year Socal!

    Well, the year has come to an end and another has started. I would like to wish all our members and lurkers the best of new years filled with lots of safe and fun wheeling!