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    JCR rear stage 2 XJ bumper

    like title says Jcr stage two bumper- $250 be over on the east side come Sat so can deliver for asking price. has bed liner on it. unibody tie in brackets
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    96 XJ 4.0 $300obo, cowl hood, radiator, jet chip

    got my 4.0 has about 125k on it, time to go, Priced to move sooner it's gone the better the price, can deliver as well for said asking price. new timing gear set, gasket, etc from when I installed it. Complete engine(no starter) $300obo Cowl hood custom, bolt on $150 obo. like new...
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    new spare tire, roof rack

    roof rack 39" wide x 45" long, 265/75/16 tire shown in pic in the basket.- $200obo 265/75/r16 tire in the basket tire also for sale $40obo
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    Mile Marker 8000 winch -$300

    Got an extra winch I don't need so thought I put it up for someone who may be in need of one.
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    1 1/2" lift w/ 8.8 for XJ-$300

    Have a 97 ford explorer 8.8 with disks and LSD had 4.10 in it. It has t&t 1 1/2" UBE and shocks mounts on it. Ready to bolt in to an XJ. $300.
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    Basket 57"X28"x5.5"- $100 TJ and XJ air boxes stock and misc air tubes- $5ea XJ 3" LIft- $125 YJ water pump, and clutch fan- $15 Misc stock rear XJ shafts-$5 XJ front Shafts (manual)- $25 ZJ V8 steering box 1" drop pitman arm for XJ-$60 YJ ac dash unit thing- $35 $others misc stuff, cpus, trim...
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    1 pair MJ tail lights no cracks

    Got a good set of tails, $60 shipped to your door.
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    8.8 LSD carrier

    yep carrier from a 1997 Mountaineer 8.8, 31 spline limited slip diff had 4.10 gears on it. ship anywhere for $200
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    8.8 4.10 gears-$100

    Gears for sale as I'm going to 5.13's.
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    XJ parts for sale need gone asap

    4.0 with 160,000 miles- $300 23 spline 91 ax-15- $150 RK 3 link LA set up $500, needs 1 new bushing ($15) D30 with new hubs in last 6 months, new 4.10(OD) installed year ago, needs inner axle shafts sway bar mounts cut off- ran with RK 3 link set up so if just buy axle will need new bushing...
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    Camp Twisted May 23rd, 24th & 25th at Twisted Trails ORV Park

    First time the jeep will be back out since I made some minor improvements. Be camping all weekend going to be a blast. :cheers:
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    2" poly coil spacers

    got pucks for sale, rocky outfitters polys. $30 shipped.
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    WTT 6.5" coils for 8-9" coils

    Like title says I want some full 8-9" coils, I have 2" polys and 6.5" coils on my XJ now but want a little stiffer spring and a full 8-9" one as well. What you got?
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    28th Annual Dog Party

    Who was there, saw lots of XJ's post up. Went did some winter wheeling and then sat back and watch all the carnage, stub shafts, u-joints, 2 roll overs, 1 heart attack/Carbon monoxide poisoning :???: and a good time on the radio.
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    lift blocks,trailer wiring, steelies caps, misc

    set of 4 XJ stock silver wheel caps- $10 set of 4 XJ stock black wheel caps- $10 (One has small crack but non noticeable on wheel) 98 XJ plug & play trailer wiring-$15 May also have one with converter for 93 XJ for $15 as well 87 MJ renix CPU- $25 XJ center console change holder...
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    Thanks to those who help the cause!

    Well was blown away when I got down to AL and see the trash along the roads. But even more surprised on the local trails to find massive amounts of trash just dumped along the trails. Made me think of the trail clean ups we do up here and how much it has an impact on things. I've been astounded...
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    XJ d30 4.10 carrier or a TRU TRAC

    I got my gears now I need a carrier gor them. Was going to put in a tru trac but running short on time so I just want to atleast get the gears in so I have 4wd. And will upgrade later. So what you got.........? or if some one has a tru trac..:eyes:
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    Can this header be welded?

    This is my 93 XJ 4.0 and she just cracked. I would like to know if it is weldable and abple to do it with it still in the veheicle? Just need a temp fix to keep it from stalling out everytime I come to a stop. Going to be getting a new header later.
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    pilot bearing bushing

    ok need to know the deal here, in the middle of swap. ok pulled 2wd Ax-15 to be replace with a AX-15/231 but the shafts had different sizes, so bushings are different, so what bushing do I need? this is tranny going in.... THe one on top fits the tranny but not the block hole, and this...
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    Thought I'd share this beauty :roll: :puke: