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    Starter hitting the flexplate

    Ok so I've been having this issue for a while and thought it was a broken flex plate. Put a new one in and it's still doing it. So I put in another transmission thinking it was something to do with that and it is still doing it. While idling you can hear it ticking as it hits the flex plate...
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    gas tank skid

    Have a stock gas tank skid looking for a new home. $50 Obo. In Bakersfield, ca.
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    Swing away bumper

    Selling my swing away bumper. Has tire mount, basket for two Jerry cans and a high lift mount. Asking 500obo
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    Swing away bumper

    I have a cross enterprises swing away I'm wanting to sell. It has the spare mount, basket for two Jerry cans, and a highlift mount as well. Works great but I just don't use it and could use the money. Asking 600obo
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    Wtb aw4 ASAP

    Just blew up my trans in my 93xj. Anyone have one Layin around?
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    WTB adjustable control arms

    I have a buddy in need of adjustable control arms. If anyone has some lying around please let me know.
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    New Cage, Custom Dash, stuck on gauges

    Ok so i have been working on a new cage in my jeep after finding areas where the old cage was ripping out sheet metal. I now have about 8x10 in plating plug welded and reinforced to the frame rails. I also wanted the cage to go behind the dash vs in front of it again. I was hoping to fit my...
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    feeler 44/30

    Ok so i am possibly going to be throwing in full size axles here soon so figured id start a feeler for my axles. They were rebuilt about 10k miles ago. They are a 44/30 set up with 4.56 gears and aussie lockers in both. the dana 30 has a jeepspeed style truss on the bottom side as well. the 44...
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    brand new precision dana 44 4.09s

    They are brand new in the box. Best offer. If you have something to trade let me know as well.
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    set of 4.09 gears for dana 44

    They are Precision Gears. Brand New in the box. Best Offer gets them. Also interested in some trades.
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    Bent up frame rails in the rear

    Ok so my jeep was rear ended at somepoint in its life and then was rear ended again by a buddy on a snow run (he replaced my light he broke lol). Well looking at it again im thinking i should fix and strengthen the frame rail a bit since it is a lot weaker now than stock. It is bent a bit at...
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    ABS system

    Ok so i got a 91 Xj with the 4.0 aw4 242 dana 30/35. It is completely stock. It has some issues that im fixing on it. Fuel leak, rear end is supposedly broken on the inside, track bar is shot, and the ABS Light keeps coming on when you stop and the peddle feels weird. Now i got this jeep for...
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    belly pan skid plate

    Ok so i have used the search a bit this morning found a few pics of them but nothing really what im looking for. I recently lowered my jeep a bit so now i am wanting to do a belly skid and other armor. I never needed it before but now since im a bit lower i want to protect everything. Im...
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    coil springs

    Ok so im looking at lowering my jeep back down a bit. I have the rock krawler 6.5 in 3link. To me the coil springs are a bit too soft. I feel like i get body roll way too much when going through the trails. By lowering it a bit that should help but i think a stiffer coil spring would help more...
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    trail list

    hey is there an official list for trails??? i have been trying to find one for a bit and cant seem to find one.
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    trail list

    So i have been looking for a trail list and cant seem to find one. I know there are websites and such but most of them dont have a realistic difficulty level. I say we make a thread with trails and what is recommended for the trail. If there already is one please point me in that direction. I...
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    Ok so i typically run a sway bar when i am prerunning a trail. I came off a few jumps and bent the axle side mounts. I had to raise them a bit due to rock krawler steering. Well since they are raised they were easier to bend. What do yall do as for sway bars? Is there a way i can make a...
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    cross enterprise bumpers

    So i have a fiend that works at pick your part. He called me today because they had someone bring in a lifted XJ. It was mildly lifted maybe a 3in lift. After looking it over some more i found it had a three link long arm kit that had a removable cross member... The owner took the cross...
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    Anyone in the ridgecrest area

    My bro broke his track bar on a trail. We either need a track bar or a welder. His track bar was cut and sleeved and the welds broke. Please text me at 6616992538. We are near last chance. Actually at garlock.
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    timing chain rubbing on cover

    Ok so if I rev my 4.0 and let off I get a metalic noise of rubbing. Theres wear,marks,on my timing chain cover. Brand new long block. I got this through warrenty. Thought old one had a spun bearing. But aparently not. Its my timing chain cover. what would cause the chain to rub the cover?