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  1. 16vvincent

    The Best Steering Box

    Hey guys, I have a question. I am, soon, going to replace my steering box in my 87 XY. (puking fluid). I have done a couple of searches, but mostly I came up with comments about reman boxes. What is the best box for the XJ? I have seen a couple of suggestions about using a V8 WJ box, but I...
  2. 16vvincent

    1/2 Price Weekend at Pick-n-Pull

    Yes, This weekend it is half price weekend! I am going to try to find a 8.8 rear end out of a Explorer or Aerostar. (Aerostar did come with a 4.56) I am also thinking about rough building a Dana 30 front with WJ knuckles. Any thoughts from everyone out there?
  3. 16vvincent

    Grinder / Vise Mount

    I know that if you guys are like me, the idea of loosing bench space for a grinder or bench vise sucks. I my case, I had some extra steel lying around and built this: The neat thing about this setup is that I can roll this to where I am working. If you notice, I put threaded...
  4. 16vvincent

    Introducing Little Orphan Annie and Myself

    Been poking around for a while now and thought that a build thread and a introduction would be appropriate. For me, my name is Vince and I am a auto mechanic for a Dealership in the Sacramento area. Time for a little bit more about me. I am a Technician for a Dealership in Elk Grove. I am a...