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    Its been quiet

    So what's everyone's next plans for their XJ? I'm olanning on getting some sway bar disconnects and a front bumper. But who knows when that will be😬😬 Whats next for everyone else?
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    Snow run near Scott's mills

    Hey all. Just got new tires for the jeep and wanting to test them out. If anyone wants to join we are meeting at the scotts mills market at 9am-ish. Rolling out around 9:30-9:. I honestly dont know if there be much snow or any at all but i just want to get the jeep off the street for the first...
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    Been thinking for a bit, I just painted the Comanche from desert tan to a dark gray which isnt bad. But been thinking about redoing it and going back to the original red from factory give or take a few shades of red. What are your guys thoughts?
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    Browns camp

    Would anyone be interested in setting up a browns camp trip in the month of March? By then I will have a lot of Jeep parts put on and will be itching for a good shake down run
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    Setting gears!!

    Yesterday I spent way to long setting up the gear in my Dana 44! I was super happy with the out come so at least that's a plus.
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    3 link

    This coming spring I am gonna start building my 3 link, gonna start with a Clayton 3 link cross member and 1 1/4 hiems for lowers and 7/8 for my upper, just curious what length everybody uses for their lowers? Do you stretch the front end or leave it as close to stock. Thanks.
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    Brown santa deliveries this Christmas season

    What has The Brown Santa brought you? I got my 4.88s today!
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    1990 Comanche build (Tater)

    Her she is the day I got her. 1990 Comanche eliminator I6, 5spd ax15. Shes nothing fancy just a dirtbike hauler.
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    8.8 swap

    Anyboby in the portland metro area want to help me swap an 8.8 into my 89 comanche?
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    Axle issue

    So In my d35 I have 4.10 and in the front I have 3.73. My issue is should i regear the d30 to a 4.10? I have access to a ford 8.8 for 150 bucks from a 98 ranger. If i go with the 8.8 I will do a soa, But it has 28 splines and I think my d35 has 27 or 29, either way, would I need a whole new...