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  1. The Hard Struggler

    Bolt in XJ Dana 44

    I have in my possession 1 super awesomest XJ Dana 44 rear axle. It came from a stock as a clock 87 wood grain beauty. Complete with ubolts, plates, e brake cables and almost new brake shoes and drums. 3.54 geared. Buy this now for $350 and bolt in a stronger than a (5 ton Rockwell*) rear...
  2. The Hard Struggler

    S.E chapter member needs a favor.

    A buddy and I are rebuilding a 1967 caddy fleetwood. There is a guy in Boston that has a similar car that he is parting out. He is very old and not able to pull some of the larger parts that we need, specifically the front bench seat. He also is not technically able to send us any photos. We...
  3. The Hard Struggler

    Help! S.E members broke down in the Midwest chapter!

    Team Willys trailer has lost a 7500lb trailer hub assembly and 8 lug tire/wheel combo. They are currently still moving on three wheels with one jeep driving along behind them to lighten the load on the trailer. They are somewhere on westbound I-64 in Illinois. If anyone has access to a hub...
  4. The Hard Struggler

    Looking for 2door door panels.

    Just what it says, I need some two door, door panels. Gray would be a plus but ill take anything. No power windows or locks. Much thanks.
  5. The Hard Struggler

    Media coverage?

    I know that Winter Fest was covered a couple of years ago by Petersons. Has any of the Naxja brass heard any news about the Crawl being covered, it being a national event and all?
  6. The Hard Struggler

    The Cherokee Crawl Ballistic Potato Challenge!

    If you were there, great fun was had sending 50# of taters across the yard at last years Crawl. Time for a competition! First rule........ Don't blow yourself up, and infinitely more important, don't blow anyone else up! Second rule.... You must only compete in the first two event categories...
  7. The Hard Struggler

    Bobby Longfield R.I.P.

    Fellow wheeler and innovator of some fine products, finally succumbed to his long and difficult health problems. While he is more well known among the Toyota guys, he was the forerunner of what became the RCV axles that we all know of, as well as the very economical cryo and heat treating of...
  8. The Hard Struggler

    Parts train. Atlanta to HighPoint NC

    Driving a 26 Penske truck to High Point, North Carolina from Atlanta, lots of room for stuff. Best part......... It won't cost you a dime for any stops in between. Truck leaves Atlanta at 0500 august 2. Returns same day. Post up if you need a ride.
  9. The Hard Struggler

    Still Strugglin'

    Well, Team Struggle sits at a TA Travel Center waiting for a set of four new tires to be mounted to the bus in Knoxville. FOR 6-1/2 HOURS!!!!! At least we have good company, Matt and Tiff Morgan stopped by to hang out. We will be there eventually!
  10. The Hard Struggler

    Anyone want to go to KOH? We have space!

    Promise it will be a blast! More info in this thread.
  11. The Hard Struggler

    Anyone want to go to KOH? We have space!

    Just what it says. We need one more person to split fuel. More info in this thread. It will be fun!!!!
  12. The Hard Struggler

    Anyone need a ride to KOH? We have space!

    Info here!
  13. The Hard Struggler

    Hooray! The Murderer of my friend gets LIFE!!!!

    This worthless sack of dog squeeze shot and killed my friend John, a bartender at The Standard, back in Jan. 2009. He gets life plus 70 years, ........I'll take the sentence........... but I would have rather shot him in the back of the head and tried not to get any on...
  14. The Hard Struggler

    King of the Hammers! Who wants to go?!

    Just what the title says! Feb. 7-11 2011. Tyler and I are looking for like minded fools to ride the 60+ hrs to and from the Atlanta / Chattanooga area to Johnson Valley, California. If we can arrange it we will take at least my XJ, and possibly Tyler's rig as well. Need at least 4 to split...
  15. The Hard Struggler

    Civil Unrest in the U.K.

    Interesting what 'average' people will do when then the Government reduces their portion of the dole. Attacked members of the royal family in their car this morning.....
  16. The Hard Struggler

    ROTM! SEC rules, vote for lowrange2!!!

    Go here! Vote for Lowrange2. S.E.C= Super Extreme Chapter. Meh, anyone can wheel on western rocks, always dry, with the texture of 60 grit sandpaper. Our rocks are wet, muddy, and slick with the gear oil from all the broken parts.
  17. The Hard Struggler

    "Remember, remember the 5th of November."

    " The gunpowder treason and plot, I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot." Happy Guy Fawkes Day. V for Vendetta clips.
  18. The Hard Struggler

    WTB pass side rear 2door glass.

    Just like it says... I broke mine at Harlan. Passenger side rear 2door glass.
  19. The Hard Struggler

    Atlanta to Harlan travelers!

    Team Struggle will be pulling out of Atlanta at 1:00 pm on Wednesday June 30th. Anyone want to convoy up for the trip? Safety in numbers, or at the very least 6 or 8 built XJs on trailers or driving will look really cool.:cheers: