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  1. kdailey4315

    Windshield Wiper Spring?

    . Nevermind. Found my answer
  2. kdailey4315

    Need some whelp with ABS code 30?

    Hey All, I took my XJ to the shop today to find out what's going on with my brakes. I have an intermittent ABS light and the pedal is really hard to push down, as if I don't have power brakes. They pulled the ABS codes and it was ABS 30 - Pump motor circuit not working properly. They told me...
  3. kdailey4315

    Need some help with funky steering problem.

    Hey all, I need some help with a steering problem I'm having. It is much harder to turn left that it is to turn right. Also, when I'm turning left there is a squeaking noise that lines up with how fast I turn. The faster I turn, the faster the squeak is. 98 Limited Auto, 242
  4. kdailey4315

    What Happened to the Karma Thread?

    I've been away for a while, OK about 2 years. New job + lots of hours + company car = no time for XJ in the driveway and NAXJA. Did the freebie karma thread die out? I loved that thread.
  5. kdailey4315

    Can bad shocks cause vibs at idle?

    I've been having vibrations throughout my XJ at idle, mainly when coming to a stop. I figured it was the stiffer Brown Dog mounts I installed. This weekend I changed all 4 shocks that were horribly worn. I was easily able to compress them completely easily with one arm. Now the vibrations at...
  6. kdailey4315

    Does this sound like an exhaust leak?

    Noticed a ticking noise today while the XJ was idling. Does it sound like an exhaust leak to you? As I moved the camera it sounded a little more pronounced around the middle cylinders. H8K2L1CgSBY
  7. kdailey4315

    Power Steering Issues

    The slower my XJ goes the harder it is to steer. I'm got getting any whining or excess noise from the power steering pump. I took of the serp belt and spun the pulley by hand. It only spun around once and stopped. Is it time for a new pump?
  8. kdailey4315

    Where are these bubbles coming from

    I'm trying to bleed my brakes but I keep getting this steady stream of bubbles after about 30 seconds of solid fluid. I don't think it's coming around the edges of the tube from the outside because I have a good amount of grease around the nipple. Any ideas...
  9. kdailey4315

    Need Some Help Bleeding Brakes

    The video below shows whats going on. I've already run about 12oz of brake fluid through the rear passenger side and it's brand new clean brake fluid coming out. When I first turn the nipple I get a solid flow of break fluid for about 20 seconds then a steady stream of huge bubbles. Is air...
  10. kdailey4315

    Massive Brake Fluid Leak

    I just finished swapping out pads and calipers and I have a huge leak right where the line connects to the caliper. Any idea how to stop it from leaking?
  11. kdailey4315

    Any Hudson-Esssex-Terraplane Guys Here?

    I know there are a lot of AMC fans here but there any fans of the predecessor to AMC? The picture below is my dad's 1951 Hudson Commodore 6 that he had when I was a kid. He sold it about 20 years ago. I'm now attempting to locate it in hopes of buying it and bringing it back to the family. It's...
  12. kdailey4315

    Fleet Maintenance Software

    Can anyone here recommend a fleet maintenance software? My company is looking to better manage our fleet. We have about 30-40 trucks and 10-20 pieces of heavy equipment.
  13. kdailey4315

    Jeep Died on the Highway... CPS?

    My Jeep died on the highway on the way to work today. It just completely shut off. For about a minute I had nothing. No crank, no lights, no emergency flashers. After about a minute it all came back. It will crank and act like it wants to start but die immediately. From searching it sounds like...
  14. kdailey4315

    No Communication With TCM

    My code reader can not communicate with my TCM. I get an error that says Can't communicate with the TCM make sure ignition is on etc. I was able to pull codes from the TCM before I cleaned my NSS. Did I screw something up? 98 Limited AW4 D30/35
  15. kdailey4315

    What is This Vacuum Line?

    I have a plugged vacuum line in my engine bay. It goes under the Jeep but I haven't crawled under it and followed it yet. Anyone have any idea what it is? EDIT: Info on the Jeep might help. 98 Limited AW4 D30/35
  16. kdailey4315

    9 Quart Trans Flush and Fluid Still Filthy

    I flushed my trans today by cutting the hose and cycling the engine on and off. The last of the fluid that came out was still dark but the fluid on the dip stick is pink and fresh. Should I run a few more quarts through it?
  17. kdailey4315

    Funky Idle, Stiff Brakes, Vacuum Leak?

    I've had a couple of problems since driving my XJ again after a year of sitting. I've had a stiff brake pedal (all the time), occasional ABS light that stays on for about a minute and now I've got a funky idle. I'm thinking it's a vacuum leak somewhere. Any suggestions on where to start looking?
  18. kdailey4315

    A California Survivor

    This is not my ad and I'm in no way trying to pimp this Jeep but this is spectacular. A 1989 Laredo with 34K original miles and spotless.
  19. kdailey4315

    Hardest Fix On Your XJ?

    I've been doing a bunch of work on the XJ this weekend and it got me thinking What's the hardest thing you've done to your XJ? In the grand scheme of things XJ's are very easy to work on but there are some things that have you cursing after a while.
  20. kdailey4315

    Exhaust Leak?

    I recently finished an APN header and brown dog motor mount swap and now I'm getting a very loud exhaust noise in specific conditions. It doesn't have the tick noise that was there with my cracked stock manifold. It only makes the noise when the jeep is driving and accelerating. When I'm...