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  1. rag

    FS: 4 TSL bias 33X12.50 on 15x10 centerline

    4 TSL bias 33X12.50 on 5x4.5 15x10 centerlines Less than 500 miles driven on tires, 99% tread life left. Located in the 08854 area 600 cash OBO NEED THESE GONE ASAP Local pick-up ONLY The only picture i was able to find of the actual items for sale...
  2. rag

    I need expert dog advice.

    This is truly an off topic discussion, do here goes; I'm nearing desperation and currently i am searching the web in search of answers, in addition to this thread. I have two female German shepherd dogs of 2 and 3 years of age. Until today they have also worked things out between them...
  3. rag

    How bad do you hate your 4.0L?

    Somewhat related to this thread, only different time, place and object left behind. It's 2am and i have work in 4 hours... I felt like sharing something :yap:
  4. rag

    1968 CJ5 rolling frame with title. NJ

    This is located in central jersey. 1968 cj5 frame, axles, suspension, steering (steering wheel is bent), 5 wheels, 5 tires, grill (with headlights/markers), hood title in hand i needed this gone three months ago. ...from here it's on to, then craigslist, from there to the...
  5. rag

    A victim of a hit and run needs your help NAXJA!

    yesterday, Friday the 13th. at exactly 11:50pm an unknown car ran into my girlfriend's a parked 1988 laredo, i was on the phone with her when it happened. the person(s) left the scene. and to make matters worse the truck was not inshured at the time of the accident. they hit the driver side...
  6. rag

    you pick what color to paint my daily driven beater

    whatever color gets the most picks will be rattlecanned onto my new dailydriver 1990 240sx 130,000 miles SOHC hatchback 5speed ding and dent galore purchased 5months ago for 500bucks currently 9 different shades of red I am going to teach myself bondo, when i am done all i want is to have a...
  7. rag

    skunk VS. 2 german shepherd dogs

    long story short. -5:50 i clock out from work, drive 11 miles home -i walk into house, the smell of faint burning tires linger -i walk upstairs into my room, crash in bed -woken up at about 7:30 -go downstairs -it felt like i hit a brick wall of stench -huge dead skunk, entrails and all, plop...
  8. rag

    Cannot find Dexron III, discontinued? alternative?

    I'm am tech for a Ford dealer, we will not be stocking no more Dexron/MerconIII any more. I have called all my resources and it seems cases of the stuff is no where to be found, our whole sale distributors do not list it to be avaliable anymore either. I recently read the lisence was not...
  9. rag

    Does anyone need free parts before an 88xj is scrapped. NJ

    Just as the title says. There is a black 1988 laredo in my driveway. I need it gone asap. Everything is up for grabs (do me a big favor and take the whole thing:roll:), as long as you come pick it up or we arrange shipment. If none of the members here want the remains of this parts truck it...
  10. rag

    88xj partout + extras

    1988 black laredo, gold pinstriping, np242, 4.0L, auto, dana30/35 -the engine, trans, tcase, dana30 are called for. -email/PM me four MT/Rs -stock rubicon flavor (lt245/70r16 i believe) -1/4"tread -tires have toe feather, not severe -50$ four BFG all terrains -p235/75r15 -15% on tires -5$...
  11. rag

    east penn. trails

    yea i know, there is Paragon and RC. Palmerton, PA. 18071 i am currently in the area and the word is there is a place called Broad Mountain close by, i have also hear of a place deemed Jim Thorpe that is regularly used for off highway recreation. people tell me it is a legit place but id...
  12. rag

    i need experienced opinions on my 4th jeep!

    my first vehicle and my first jeep is an 89xj. currently my daily driver. 1.5"bb and 31x11.5s my second jeep was an 88xj, currently a parts donor for the DD and being parted out. my third is a 68 cj5 i bought a week ago. 200bucks got me a good frame, good axles, rusty suspension, rotted body...
  13. rag

    my alignment

    spec: problem: solution:???? i have hubs and balljoints on the way, hopefully that will resolve my front end camber among other things. im clueless about what to do with the rear alignment, is it time already to swap in the 8.8?
  14. rag

    nagative camber, unit hubs and u-joints

    dana30 vaccuum disconnect on an 89xj my front end is obviously having camber issues. //==0=\\ thats a little stupid diagram of what my front end camber looks like. my passenger hub is also toast, so i might as well replace both and keep the drivers side as a spare my shopping list so far...
  15. rag

    31x11.5s on 1.5"bb. whats next?

    ive had my 89renix truck for a little over a year, it was scratchless when i picked it up. now i dont even flinch if i flop my truck on its side, just as long as my door still opens and my glass doesnt hurt my passengers. 1.5" over stock with front zj coils and an extra isolator. i spliced an...
  16. rag

    235/75s on 15/8

    the time has come to get rid of my dryrotted bald tires, not to mention unsafe mismatched tires. my 89xj is on a 1.5"bb.the truck is beat to hell, ugly, dented but runs like a top. if fender hacking is needed i wont flinch i have five 15x8 cragar soft8s collecting dust. 4inch backspacing i do...
  17. rag

    restore or junk?

    white 1989 base model xj keep in mind, my philosophy is capability and function WAY before fashion and apearance. she runs great very minor rust on floors, small specs here and there in the hatch and rockers. heres my dilema; i took a wirewheel to get to a tiny patch of rust. then i moved...
  18. rag

    intermittent HEAVY smoking

    this is a wierd one; i went wheeling today, wasnt too hard on the engine at one point i thought i blew a headgasket or the actual head. i was blowing white smoke from my tailpipe and under the hood when i say blowing smoke imagine a seafoam smoking type of deal only worse. much worse. heres...
  19. rag

    BFG rugged trail TA 265/70R17 <400miles

    like the title says. i am selling two BFGoodrich Rugged trail TA tires. these are the newer design/style. they were pulled from the rear of a wrecked 2006 F-series truck. front end crash. 265/70R17 flavor no plugs, no dryrot, no scuffs, no patches, they still have the same sidewall shine from...
  20. rag

    rear main seal. RTV issue.

    im currently doing my rear main for the first time. i needed to unbolt the trackbar, front shocks, swaybars and grind some of the control arm mounts to finally pull the pan both halfs of the new seals are in place and oriented correctly. heres my question. will blue RTV work for the main...