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  1. cheapcherokee93

    1992 Toyota Paseo $1500 obo

    Selling my trusty econo box. This thing has been stupid reliable, it will not die, and it gets great mpg. Only selling because i have too many cars and need to thin out the heard. 1992 Toyota Paseo clean title in hand Tags are current and paid til February 2016 smog check done, paperwork in...
  2. cheapcherokee93

    1983 Ford E250 4x4 van For Sale

    Friend of mine has this 4x4 van for sale. if you are interested you can PM me or contact him directly (phone number below). here's the link to his craigslist ad: here are the specs and pics 1983 Ford E250 4X4 extended van 106k miles...
  3. cheapcherokee93

    PAC springs, 200 vs 250 spring rate

    Debated putting this in mod tech, but since the product has "jeepspeed" in the title i figured put it here :) Basically looking at the 2" PAC racing springs for my MJ. i noticed there are 2 different options, 200 and 250 lbs/in. see here...
  4. cheapcherokee93

    35x12.5 KM2 on 15x8 Soft 8 wheel- $40

    35x12.5 BFG KM2 with about 3/16" tread left mounted on a 15x8 Cragar Soft 8 with 3.75" backspacing. Tire has a small sidewall puncture that was patched. It holds air, so it might be good for a spare? $40 Firm. basically selling the rim with a free tire on it not holding it for anyone, first to...
  5. cheapcherokee93

    5.5" progressive rate coils- $100

    i've got some unknown brand progressive rate coils that i believe will net you 5.5" of lift. here is how they looked on my MJ with relocated fender flares and 33s: located in la habra $100 OBO
  6. cheapcherokee93

    Significant power upgrades: CA Edition

    As some of you saw in the Mod Tech section, i've been recently displeased with the power output of my mostly stock 4.0. thread can be seen here: Lately i've been exploring options for gaining a significant amount of power out of my jeep, whether...
  7. cheapcherokee93

    2 stock dana 30 long side axle shafts

    i have 2 stock factory dana 30 axle shafts complete with stub shafts and u joints. not sure if its the bigger joint but they are non-abs, no tone ring. u joints seem to be in decent shape. $20 each located in La Habra but can also pick up at my work in Santa Fe Springs
  8. cheapcherokee93

    Am i asking too much of my 4.0? lack of power

    Just returned from a week long endeavor across Utah on saturday (i live in SoCal so it was quite a trek). The Jeep performed excellent off road and drives nice around town, but on the highway i was really disappointed in it. the specs on the jeep are as follows 88 MJ SWB 225,000 on the body...
  9. cheapcherokee93

    Post water flooded renix help

    so i sank my 88 renix MJ into water, getting it running again isnt going so well. as you renix gurus can imagine the water damage is really wreaking havok on the renix electrical system. i was able to get it running again, but only for a short time. heres a list of things i did immediately...
  10. cheapcherokee93

    Lots of stuff for sale! XJ parts

    Cleaning out my storage shed and getting rid of a lot of spare XJ parts. here is a list of what i have and prices, pictures are below. 1. BDS extended sway bar links for 3" lift XJ, i think its missing a part. $10 2. 87-96 XJ silver dash piece. (see picture)- $5 3. Factory XJ bottle jack and...
  11. cheapcherokee93

    4- 235/75 r15 Wildpeak ATs on Ecco wheels

    i've got a set of 4 235/75 Falken High Country ATs mounted on gold jeep ecco wheels. tires have about 90% tread left and were purchased new not too long ago. the wheels are dirty and have some curb rash. $350 OBO located in La Habra (562) six eight six 3568
  12. cheapcherokee93

    FS: 1981 VW rabbit pickup DIESEL

    my dad is selling his 1981 VW rabbit diesel pickup. he's asking $3000 OBO. anyone want a 50 mpg commuter truck? :rtm: here's the craigslist ad: 1981 vw rabbit MK1 caddy pick up . Diesel , 5 speed , ac - all there but not working...
  13. cheapcherokee93

    spotted: factory 4.56 geared axles at Ecology santa fe springs

    stumbled across this in the santa fe springs ecology today: 4 banger automatic XJ with factory 4.56 gears. sadly it has a disconnect 30 front and dana 35 rear. maybe someone wants to grab it, it is a cheap way to 4.56 gearing
  14. cheapcherokee93

    1998 XJ 4.0 motor- $100

    i've got a 98 XJ 4.0 motor with around 150k on it. was involved in a roll over though so it was ran upside down momentarily. it also had a slight knock at idle. other than that it was running great, drove all the way to the grand canyon, wheeled and drove back, never overheated. even got driven...
  15. cheapcherokee93

    Anyone looking for a Wrangler YJ project?

    Theres a guy in Whittier with a red YJ he's looking to sell. i was going to buy it but realized its going to require more time than i have. i talked to the owner and looked at it, here is what i know: 1990 Jeep Wrangler red in color, faded 2.5 TBI, was running "a little rough" before parked 5...
  16. cheapcherokee93

    5- 15x7 Jeep Wheels $50

    located in La Habra. the rusty spare rim does have a dent and is quite rusty. all the others are in good condition with no dents. $50 for a little more $$$ if you bring tires i can mount them up for you
  17. cheapcherokee93

    WTB: renix distributor

    figure i'd try here before hitting up the junkyard. anyone have a renix distributor they'd sell?
  18. cheapcherokee93

    Rear JK rubicon Dana 44 housing

    Bare rear JK D44 Rubi housing for sale. like, literally bare except for the bearing caps. track bar bracket was ripped off, so it will need a new one welded on. make an offer
  19. cheapcherokee93

    Miller Electric 115 arc welder- $195 my dad is selling his little stick welder. runs on 110v. as per the ad, it does come with 50 lbs of 6013 3/32" welding rod! see the ad for pics, its in really good condition and wasnt used much. he's asking $195
  20. cheapcherokee93

    4- 235/75s on Jeep Steel Wheels

    selling my street tire set. they are 4 235/75 Futura Scramblers mounted on jeep steel wheels painted black, complete with center caps. decent tread left, i estimate around 50-60%. 2 tires are slightly more worn than the others (by maybe 1/32), but otherwise everything is worn evenly. one tire...