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  1. ladywolf

    Sorry for the long hiatus

    Hey guys, Sorry for such the long hiatus. Been a long year. Got out of the military, broke my foot in a nasty vehicle wreck, got a decent job and now divorcing the ex, but slowly getting back on my feet. Just wanted to say hey and see who's still on here
  2. ladywolf

    rocker panel guards

    Hey guys, I've got a set of the lower rocker panel guards for sale. Had em in the garage. They are just the blanks so you can cut them to fit either a 2 or a 4 dr. They are the ones that attach to the bottom 1/4 of your doors. 100 bucks OBO. Someone take em off my hand.
  3. ladywolf

    Warn 9.5TI

    Hey guys, I posted this up in the SE chapter, but figured I"d hit up the midwest guys as well. I've got a 9.5TI with 125ft of viking synthetic line, the hawse fairlead, and the wired warn controller up for 650 OBO, or I'll trade straight across for a Ramsey 9.5. The Warn wont fit in my bumper...
  4. ladywolf

    Warn 9.5TI

    Hey guys, I havent been around much since the parting out of my jeep. I've still got a Warn 9.5TI with 125 ft of viking synthetic line for sale. Trying to get 650 OBO, or trade for a Ramsey 9.5, due to this not fitting in the new application. I'll drive and deliver for free within a...
  5. ladywolf

    for sale or trade

    Hey guys i am in need of a warn xd9000 to fit in the current bumper as my 9.5ti will not work without a whole lot of modification. Does anyone have one in decent condition they want to trade or sell me? My 9.5ti has 125 ft of synthetic line that is in ok shape. Id be willing to sell mine for...
  6. ladywolf

    for sale or trade

    Hey guys, I've got a warn 9.5TI with a stripped gear and 125 of synthetic rope. I need an XD9000 due to the new project, and the 9.5 TI's wont fit. I'd be willing to trade and toss in a few bucks, or sell this one outright. 500 with it as is, or 700 if we fix the gear. all it is i think is...
  7. ladywolf

    happy gobbler day

    Hey yall, Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. Hope yall all had all the food you could eat, as much time with the relatives (blood and by marriage) yall could stand, and safe travels to wherever you mighta gone.
  8. ladywolf

    well i'm almost there.....

    to Afghanistan. Sitting in Manas right now waiting on my flight down to Kandahar. The weather up here is actually pretty nice. Reminds me a lot of the higher altitude areas out west, in colorado and places from eastern WA and OR. Kinda cool actually. theres a monster size mountain range that...
  9. ladywolf

    Gettin on a plane

    Hey Middle TN plane ride across the pond to mountainous areas of the middle east is approaching swiftly. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to get together next weekend somewhere in the middle and have lunch/dinner out? Doesnt haveta be anything fancy, just wanting to say hi...
  10. ladywolf

    For trade or sale

    79 ford highboy with a 460 big block sitting on 38's. minor body rot. title in hand. needs some work. battery was going dead, but started and ran just fine the last time it was started. Needs ujoints and rear brakes...i have shocks, power steering stuff, a stereo, and a passle of stuff to...
  11. ladywolf

    my "interesting" day at work yesterday

    Since this was amusing.....and whatever else you'd like to call it, I figured I would relate what happened at work yesterday. I was tasked out to be my unit's range "NCO", so from roughly 6am till about quarter after 1 yesterday I was out being my unit's range "nco". I got our last guys off...
  12. ladywolf

    safely in TN

    hey yall, been outta the loop the past week, been busy moving stuff around, cleaning, getting settled in (kinda!!!) and whatnot, and finally had a good chance to sit and relax. does anyone in here have a good working knowledge of household electrical stuff? good enough to do a good job wiring...
  13. ladywolf

    one of those weeks

    this just hasnt been one of those days where i want a mulligan, its been one of those WEEKS! Monday found out my grandma is hospitalized Tuesday found out some deployment related stuff Wednesday my dog wandered off Thursday i hit something on post, put a big slice in the sidewall of a tire on...
  14. ladywolf

    stupid arguments

    what are some of the stupidest things you have ever heard anyone argue over? when I was living in our community bathroom barracks at fort lewis, there were female privates out in the hall yelling and screaming over toilet paper. and just now my coworkers were arguing over the weight of...
  15. ladywolf

    Gas BBQ Grills

    Has anyone here ever refurbed/updated theirs without just going out and buying a new one? The one we have is perfectly fine still...I'm pretty certain it just needs a very good scrubbing, and maybe replacement of a couple of minor interior parts.....and a new paint job. has anyone ever done...
  16. ladywolf

    Project Ideas

    Hey guys...debating on project ideas. My cherokee was fun, but was tired of diagnosing and repairing issues every time I turned around....and was rather upset when the hubby killed him. Way in the future plans with the hubby is to build a buggy. right now looking for something that I can go...
  17. ladywolf

    projects around the house

    Well, the last time I was home in TN, since it poured outside all weekend and proceeded to flood everything, I embarked upon my projects I wanted to accomplish around the house armed with a Lowes gift card. I managed to get a bunch of stuff cleaned and organized, and my 3 "projects" was getting...
  18. ladywolf

    b-ham area folks

    I know theres a couple of yall still in the area. Would love toget together this weekend and hang out and have some good food. What say you? this is my last weekend down in the greater AL/GA area, and I'd like the chance to get to say hi and bs and in general relax before i make the trek to TN.
  19. ladywolf

    finally moving!

    hey guys i'm finally moving to TN!!! I havent been on here a whole lot due to a lot of crazy stuff going on, but next weekend i'll be trolling back up through to Fort Campbell to finally be with the hubby. I will also be shipping out to Afghan land not long after, would love to get together...
  20. ladywolf

    just got hitched!!

    Finally after a year-long engagement and one setback to another, Rob and I finally got married today!!