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  1. ehall

    high-steer plans

    I bought the Teraflex high-steer knuckle for my front D44 (I do not want WJ knuckles--nothing wrong with that, but I am going a different place). I am trying to layout the steering links. Right now the upper arm runs smack into the swaybar link hardware that I put in for OTK tie rod. So those...
  2. ehall

    any tips for timing chain

    I'm planning to replace the timing chain on my pos in a couple of weeks and looking for tips. The last time I did this (years ago) the motor was on a stand, this time doing it while the motor is still installed. Do I need to pull the radiator? Anything special about the gap between the timing...
  3. ehall

    FB activity

    Thinking about switching the (unofficial) FB group to private. Downside to being a public group is everybody sees what you post (notified in some cases), which limits participation a bit. The group was created as public so that events could be shared, but if the events are created on the...
  4. ehall

    drawing results?

    Are the drawing results posted anywhere?
  5. ehall

    rear wiper / washer non-op

    Anybody here have wiring diagrams for 97+ and willing to look up wire colors for the rear wiper and washer circuits? Neither of mine work, switch is putting voltage through the fuse, want to check the wires in the cargo panel that's already off before diving into the motor
  6. ehall

    ABS code 30

    I picked up another XJ recently, plan to use it for backup DD / winter driver. I am trying to get some stuff fixed so I can take it through MD inspection. The big thing is the ABS light is always on. I borrowed a friend's Snap-On MT2500 with a universal cartridge (he's a Ford master tech) and...
  7. ehall

    replacement ignition key cylinder

    Looking to replace the ignition key cylinder in my steering column (worn out--key falls out on big bumps) and looking for experience / options. Can a locksmith cut a new cylinder to match my old key? Otherwise I would have to replace the door and hatch locks as well. Its a 91 don't think its in...
  8. ehall

    R12 service valves

    I was looking for new R12 service valves to go on a new replacement compressor. Couldn't find anything anywhere. Got to talking to a 4 Seasons tech and we went through the catalog, lo there they are Four Seasons parts 12721 and 12722 Available on Amazon pretty cheap as of right now
  9. ehall

    NAC Trail of Tears, Feb 23-25

    Looking to do a winter NAC run to Rausch or AOAA in late February. The weekend of Fri 23 through Sun 25 is best for me. Thoughts?
  10. ehall

    NAC FB group

    Other chapters have active groups, why don't we have a group? We have a feed that is never used. What's up
  11. ehall

    upgrade prioritization

    Gotta save some pennies for my next $$ upgrade and I can't quite decide between these three so I will ask the NAXJA family Long arm upgrade -- I'm on 6" of lift with short arms. Doesn't bother me except downtravel is limited by the rotational arc. I get a tire off the ground all the time and my...
  12. ehall


    blowing up Facebook today
  13. ehall

    1996 AC plumbing?

    I have a 91 but my HVAC system is bits and pieces of custom parts. I currently have it drained for a heater core swap. I was looking at ways to simplify it a bit and came across this page in the parts catalog. full size Is that an accurate diagram for 96? Earlier models all had service...
  14. ehall

    hvac seal kit interchange?

    My 91 parts catalog shows the heater core / evap core foam seal as part number 56006312. I can't find this anywhere. The 01 parts catalog shows a multi-part seal "kit" part number 4874069AB which seems to be in production and available. Are they interchangeable?
  15. ehall

    radiator outlet temp to water pump

    Anybody have a meat thermometer they can stick in the radiator near the outlet to the water pump? What temperature are you seeing after engine has warmed up? and what is the ambient temperature? I have radiator inlet temp of 240 max dropping down to 100 at the outlet, so radiator is shedding...
  16. ehall

    infrared gun oil pan temps?

    Any of you with an infrared gun willing to take oil pan temps? My passenger side seems to run about 180, but the driver side next to the downpipe is 220ish
  17. ehall

    JL Sahara getting the NP242?
  18. ehall

    extending short arms

    I have those adjustable JKS short arms, love them and their freedom of movement. I am thinking about converting them into long arms by extending the tube. What kind of problems am I looking at?
  19. ehall

    standalone TPS harness?

    Bought an AW4 from a guy today, had this tangled in with the other harnesses. Its a TPS connector on one end, for sure. Never seen one standalone before--always seen the TPS wire bundled in with the other sensors and gizmos. What is it used for?
  20. ehall

    oil and temp gauges read high

    1991 XJ ... Oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges have both been high for a while. I replaced the senders first, gauges didn't change. I verified the oil pressure sender was accurate--the FSM says ~1 ohm per PSI, the sender shows ~20 ohms at idle (about ~20 PSI), but the gauge shows 60...