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  1. Sherman_thetank

    Camera bag lost on Mt. Antero

    If anyone was up Mt. Antero today my father lost his camera bag about 1/2 mile from the pass. He had an extra memory card in it, and travelers check ( which we already cancelled). If anyone finds it he would really like to have it back. We will be driving to Boulder tomorrow and then back...
  2. Sherman_thetank

    feeler Axles, springs, and wheels & tires

    My interests have shifted and i no longer have any drive to work on or fix my junk, so now i have lots of stuff to sell. I have the vehicle for sale locally, so im just gauging interest on these items at the moment. If i go ahead with the part out, ill be adding more little random things as i...
  3. Sherman_thetank

    "custom" leaf Shackle

    What is everyone thoughts on this. Iv been contemplating doing this, but the halfass-ness is pretty high...anyone tried this, had any luck?
  4. Sherman_thetank

    88 stock parts

    Have so random stuff lying around sick of looking at it. Radiator & AC condensor stock coil springs 2" coil blocks 3 front stock control arms...4th got cut in half :D track bar and frame mount possible other stuff i forgot everything is OBO if someone doesnt take it im donating it to the scrap...
  5. Sherman_thetank

    Uses for old jeep parts

    Any one have any old junk parts they have re-invented to be used as something else? For example my jack daniels ring and pinon lamp :laugh3: Sorry for the crap-tastic cell phone pics
  6. Sherman_thetank

    ad on pirate :eek: :puke:
  7. Sherman_thetank

    modifying the front suspension

    Ok, my question is what will be the downfalls and problems i will have if i remove the upper control arm on the passenger side? the mount is in the way of my exhaust, and i need to be able to drive it before i swap all the crap out to leaf springs. I no it will change the whole geometry of it...
  8. Sherman_thetank

    WTF Walmart? really?

    Walmart sells caskets........:doh: What is next minor surgery, or dental work while you get groceries???
  9. Sherman_thetank

    random parts

    AC condenser how bout $10 Decent radiator, no holes and not many bent fins $20 Alternator came off my 88, bought it about 1yr-1 1/2yr ago, $40? And finally the brush guard, not the prettiest thing in the world, but it is heavy duty, will take a serious pounding, and i was not able to dent...
  10. Sherman_thetank

    90 xj $1000

    A coworker of mine has this on craigs list, so i figured i throw it up here. Not a bad looking rig. he is only asking $1000 for it now so ignore the $1200 on the ad
  11. Sherman_thetank

    Trip to Colorado Springs 9/26-9/31

    Sorry no wheeling on this trip, just vacation junk, unless you consider Rampart Range road wheeling :laugh2: Hello Going up Pikes Peak Coming down After the steep part they make you stop to check the temp of your brakes, my dad (the red colorado in last picture) brakes were 415 degrees...
  12. Sherman_thetank

    New play toy

    Last night picked up my new play toy It has a 70hp johnson on the back, but the starter is not working for some reason, and the trim does not work, but hey for....200 bucks! :greensmok
  13. Sherman_thetank

    2003 Bombardier DS 650 baja

    Up for sale is a 2003 DS 650 baja. Its is a scary fast machine, defiantly one of the fastest is have ever rode. Im am getting rid of it because my interests have shifted and i am looking for a street bike. It has been very well maintained, and runs very well. Looking for $3000. Hit me with a PM...
  14. Sherman_thetank

    My heep build

    Ok, so i have been trying to gather up all my crap to compile it all into a readable sentence that actually makes here it goes. I have a 88 5spd 4dr It looks like this :gee: Plans for the build (as of right now) Chevy 383 stroker. Comp dyno estimate 525hp and 495ft lbs SN-465...
  15. Sherman_thetank

    Gotta love the brown Santa!

    DISCLAIMER: I received this in an email so if you work on planes please dont be offended...or do :D Remember it takes a college degree to fly a plane, but only a high school diploma to fix one; a reassurance to those of us who fly routinely in our jobs. After every flight, UPS pilots fill...
  16. Sherman_thetank

    Stupid Gixxer owner

    Wow this kid is retarded. Cliff notes: Dumbass put 2 NOS energy drinkS in his bike thinking it was octane boost.
  17. Sherman_thetank

    Jerks of NAXJA Anyone care to make a list? :rof:
  18. Sherman_thetank

    Iron Man 4x4?

    Anyone ever herd of them? They caught my attention with these adj lower control arms...
  19. Sherman_thetank

    Feeler..Mildly built 4.0

    Ok, so i am kicking around the idea of throwing a SBC and a turbo 350 under the heep, and i am wondering if anyone would be interested in the 4.0. Just rebuilt about 1500 miles on it Bored over 30 crank ground 20 Forged KB pistons Clevlite bearing everywhere Mellings High volume Oil pump 3...
  20. Sherman_thetank

    Chromoly vs DOM

    Any thoughts? I'm thinking of using industrial grade Chromoly on my long arms i will be building, has anyone used this, and any problem you had, or can foresee? Thanks Alex