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    Some of my photos

    I uploaded a pile to imgur and I'm trying this for the first time. So I guess this is a test.
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    Emergency contact information

    Perhaps this is a cheesy question, but I think of things like this. Is there somebody that handles emergency contacts in the event something may happen on the trails? Thanks.
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    Convoy from the great white north? LOL

    I see these convoy posts and just had to play along. I'm probably the only one coming from around here. So what convoy. Moab is 1010 miles for me and I'm still looking for a place to crash in between.
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    Low mileage 35s anyone?

    If there's any interest I'll drag a set of 4 Cooper STT Pros 35 1250 15 on 15x8 Cragar Soft 8s. The spare is just a Cooper ST mud terrian never been used.
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    What leaf spring rate?

    Is there some kind of formula out there or way of figuring out what leaf spring rate you need? There's got to be a way to do it without just shooting from the hip, buying springs, throwing them in, calling it a day. My machine weighed 3900 lbs empty before I built the rear bumper/tire carrier...