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  1. time2getdirty

    WTB: 4.0 long block, lift kit parts, 8.25.

    Looking to buy some parts for a buddy of mine to fix up his jeep while he is deployed. He is a hell of a dude and his wife has asked me to help her rebuild his 350k mile 01 xj for him while he is gone. I know it needs a new engine (his has low oil pressure and makes some cool noises every...
  2. time2getdirty

    What’s it worth/how to fix it

    View My Video So this thing ended up in my garage. 97, 4.0/auto/4x4. 19x,xxxmiles Dirty interior, trashed headliner, redneck bumpers/sliders, brand new 31s, faded paint, only bit of rust is where people cut and fold, a few dints but decent looking little Jeep. Biggest issue is that it is...
  3. time2getdirty

    Spring Creek, August 27 2017

    Wtf people, where are the pictures?
  4. time2getdirty

    LEO help needed VIN inspection

    I sold a rally car (caged shell with a bunch of parts actually) to a guy in Weld county a few months ago. I bought the car with an Arizona title and had the vin inspected when I got my Wyoming title for it. This guy is claiming that the state patrol did not pass the cars vin inspection today...
  5. time2getdirty

    Attention: Seat Cover Recall

    Happy birthday Mr. T!
  6. time2getdirty

    Trail near the springs?

    Wife and I are going down to the Colorado Springs for our anniversary this weekend. We are supposed to get a ton of snow. Where is a good place to play?
  7. time2getdirty

    Open Light GF Build

    So I have found a project that I think I will hold onto for a long while. In my 4 years of driving I have owned 13 cars. Of two reoccurring trends, I have found that I like Jeeps and Subarus. Having sold my last jeep almost 6 months ago,I switched it up and bought a Subaru. The Subaru is a...
  8. time2getdirty


    Happy birthday! Thank you for this morning and everything else! Enjoy a beer or three!
  9. time2getdirty

    chinamans fri-sat

    Once apon a time there was a mystical trail located just outside of buenavista, some of you web wheelers might have heard of it. Some people like me go wheeling and friday night - saturday is the time. Camping at the rock pile and joining 40+ rigs on saturday.:geek::bs:
  10. time2getdirty

  11. time2getdirty

    Prothane bumpstop question

    I did a moajor front end overhall for my front suspension. Previous setup was 18" control arms using factory mounts, custom trackbar, re 3.5 coils, ACOS and 5 hockeypucks up front and alcan springs with jks shackles in the back netting me somewhere in between 4.5-5" of lift and I have 5100s all...
  12. time2getdirty

    Tom Old Man

    Did you get my PM? I sent it on my phone so im not sure if you got it. I need a steering box! Shoot me a PM or give me a call whenever you get a chance. David
  13. time2getdirty

    Just got an iphone 4s

    I am an apple newb. What do I do now? I hooked it up to my i tunes and synced stuff... What fun games would yall recomend? and where would you recomend getting free music from? I was using a website that converted youtube videos into mp3 but i guess they got shut down. Any help is cool!:peace:
  14. time2getdirty

    What heims do I want?

    I am about to redo my front suspension and steering and track bar. I know for my control arms that I want 3/4, but my biggest question is what heims to get. Ruff stuffs are cheap? But does that men bad quality? Help me out with your experience!
  15. time2getdirty

    Spring creek tonight!!!

    Trail head at 6. 303-941-6744
  16. time2getdirty

    Spring creek the 14th

    Taking some new friends up to spring creek. might be a long day depending on how these guys wheel. LMK if you wanna come!
  17. time2getdirty

    T2GD @ penrose

    Ok got 1/2 the pics to me. In the first picture it looks like we are winching... we are not, that was 10 feet after we winched out of our first flop and the winch was still attached to the winch point. I assure you we pulled the passanger front way up right after that picture, and when i...
  18. time2getdirty

    penrose 5/26

    My friend, my dad, and I will be heading up friday night to camp and wheel Saturday. Anyone wanna come? probably just liberty and maybe indy. and maybbeeee patriot. But probably not lol (I say that every time...)
  19. time2getdirty

    Oh Geez

    New DD...
  20. time2getdirty

    Dinner tonight at Chick-fil-A!

    Chick-fil-A fundraiser tonight from 5-8 pm at the Chick-fil-A by the Flatirons Mall! Money will go towards good food and also for the mission trip Matt and I, along with many other kids from my youth group will be doing this summer. Come down and get some good food! I would appreciate it!party1: