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  1. latenights

    1999 F-150 Mark 3 edition lifted

    Hey this isnt mine but its a buddy's of mine so im helping him sell it. If you have any questions you can either pm me or contact me at 9086446405. or you can go directly to him for the number posted in the add. he's negotiable with the price. The truck is a great truck and he's always kept up...
  2. latenights

    need a arb snorkel template

    Does anybody have a template for a 96 and older xj for an ARB snorkel by any chance? I just picked one up used and don't really want to drill a 3inch hole in the wrong spot. Bill from ARB sent me one through the email but its in 4 different pages so its not a lot of help.
  3. latenights

    installed christmas lights now high idle and stuck in first gear -_-

    so i have a 1996 xj 4.0 aw4. i was puting a wreath and a string of lights on my xj for the first time. i got an inverter but had to run an extension cord from the inverter to the lights on my bumper. i think while i was trying to fit the extension cord through the firewall i may have hit...
  4. latenights

    WANTED: np 231 J

    like the title says im looking for a np231 J for my 1996 XJ. i cant go another day without having 4x4 im desperate ;) will drive a good distance from south plainfield, nj 07080. also if it has a sye installed already it will get me another reason for my xj to get a second growth spurt
  5. latenights

    square stock tube doors?

    So i did the doorless mod on my xj last fall, went to bootcamp and ITB from dec-may and now its time to make tube doors for the xj. I dont know anyonbe with a tube bender and since im only a "semper sometimes" and still live at home, we rent our house so i cant drill any holes into the ground to...
  6. latenights

    bad idea to helicoil steering box threads?

    I have a 1996 xj and i just recently got a JCR prerunner front bumper. When i was mounting the tie in brackets, I got the bottom 2 bolts for the steering box in no problem but i spent 30-40 min trying to get the top bolt to go in straight. After about 40 min i ended up cross threading the...
  7. latenights

    removing np231 front output shaft seal

    i have a 1996 xj with the np231 tcase. im trying to replace the front bearing for the front output shaft but im having a hard time removing the seal. is there a trick for removing the seal? ive been laying under the xj for a while just trying to get the seal out. thanks in advance!
  8. latenights

    centering ball stuck on front driveshaft

    Im trying to rebuild my front driveshaft centuring ball. when i took the piece off that the 4 bolts bolt into on the cardian end the centering ball still in the drivehshaft piece. every thread ive seen on here, the ball has come out when the took the piece off that has the 4 bolts in it. i was...
  9. latenights

    write up steering box seals anyone?

    I have a 96xj and the steering box leaks really bad. Even if the jeep is stationary for 10 minutes you can see a spot on the cement where its dripping. I bought the seal kit from rockauto and it has lots of seals. Is there a write up somewhere for doing the seals? I've looked threw about 10-15...
  10. latenights

    which wires are for trans solenoid in tcu

    1996 xj 4.0HO aw4 trans. im trying to track down a trans electrical problem, does anybody know which wires are for the trans solenoids in the tcu? i tried searching on here and looking in my haynes manual but i cant find anything about them. im currently driving around with the tcu unplugged and...
  11. latenights

    trans works normal when TCU unplugged

    So i have a 1996 xj 4.0 with the aw4 trans and a 3inch lift. I've been having trans problems above 45 mph when it gets stuck in overdrive but lately its been doing it when it shifts into second gear. I did some searching and somebody said unplug the TCU and if it works normal its a electrical...
  12. latenights

    4x4 shops in NJ???

    Hey, I'm looking for a 4x4 shop in NJ to check my alignment since this is the first lift i put on and it has adjustable control arms and trac bar. Its just the 3inch rough country lift nothing big. I did the caster and toe the best i could but i just want a shop that has an alignment rack to...
  13. latenights

    lots of steering problems for just 3" lift

    I have a 1996 xj 4.0 HO aw4 trans 3" lift on 30" bfg at's. I installed a 3inch rough country lift and i bought the x-flex adjustable control arms. Beforfe the lift i had some play in steering, I could turn the wheel from about 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock without the steering actually turning. Not a...
  14. latenights

    opinion on the rough contry x-flex adjustable control arms

    So, I've tried looking around naxja and i couldnt find to much about them. I have to get new longer control arms because the control arms that came with the lift (front of the lift is a tuff country 3.5" i got from a friend new. it came with blocks in the rear but i bought new leaf packs from RC...
  15. latenights

    e-fan not kicking on and ac is hot

    i searched around and couldnt find exactly what i wanted. i have a 96 xj with 178xxx miles. 4.0 HO. Ive been overheating lately and no mater how high the temps go the e-fan does not kick on. also the ac blows out hot when last summer it blew really cold. I read that if the refidgerant is low the...
  16. latenights

    computer/ electrical problems after dead battery

    i have a 1996 xj with 175,xxx 4.0HO. whenever the battery dies i always get wierd electrical/computer problems. my battery died yesterday and when i jump start it it idled worse then having a aggressive cam in it, bogs down really bad when i press on the gas, and wants to stall really bad. my...
  17. latenights

    dana30 lower ball joint question

    Im doing both side upper and lower ball joints on my 96 xj 4wd. the lower ball joint that the guy at pepboys gave me has this threaded sleeve thing with a notch in it that looks like im gonna need a special tool?? how do i instal this type of ball joint? ive done them before but they never had...
  18. latenights

    speedo lights wont go on

    1996 xj 4.0 aw4 173,4xx miles. So this weekend I was doing a little wheeling cause my friend got stuck in mud wheeling alone (not so smart). During that trip I went threw a mud hole and didn't see a rut that I hit pretty hard. I don't know if that did it but on the way home on the road is when i...
  19. latenights


    So as im here sitting in math class i've been thinking about the rcrocs event i was at on sunday at rausch creek (that sucks about your truck vetteboy). I was wondering what other events are out there in the PA, NJ, NY area and if anybody else knows about any. Also are there any races/events for...
  20. latenights

    bad tire wear on new tires

    I got a 96 xj stock hieght and i just bought new 30" bfg ats about 4000 miles ago. I went out and looked at my xj cause im really bored and i noticed that the front tires look more worn down then the rear so i measured it and there about 1/8 - 3/16 more worn down then the rear and its only been...