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  1. flash2pablo

    Flash's XJ build aka "Mowgli"

    I have owned my current XJ for over three years. It started out life as a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited with the Upcountry suspension package riding on 30/9.5/15 on stock limited wheels. This was definitely a budget build. When I purchased the jeep it was stock and had a number of issues for...
  2. flash2pablo

    Want to buy: Stock or extended shackle

    Looking to buy a stock or extended shackle for a quick replacement on my jeep. The current one is stuck in the bushing on my stock leaf springs. Let me know I would like to find something today or tomorrow.
  3. flash2pablo

    WTB: 1" transfer case drop

    Looking to buy a 1" transfer case drop to temporarily drop the transfer case until I get an SYE. I need the jeep for a 6 mile round trip city commute.
  4. flash2pablo

    17"x9" wheels Fitment

    I am looking for any insight for aftermarket wheels. I would like to run the stock Rubicon BFG tires 255/75/17 on my XJ. I have a 1998 Limited Upcountry edition. I purchased a set of 17x9 that are 5x4.5 lug wheels for a decent price used. They appear to have a 5.25 offset if I am...
  5. flash2pablo

    Wtb: Late model fan shroud

    Awhile back my rig started overheating and leaking from the water pump. So i replaced the water pump, but discovered the fan shroud was broken on one side. Well upon trying to re install it the other side broke. Now it is fine at idle and at speed, but begins to heat up on any hills, once...
  6. flash2pablo

    3" OME Coil springs

    I am selling a set of old man emu coil springs that I picked up off a fellow member earlier this year. I ended up buying a set of 4.5" coils, so I don't need the 3". No issues with them. Price is $80 for the pair. I will post pictures tomorrow.
  7. flash2pablo

    Gifford Pinchot NF Open?

    Anyone know how the government shutdown affected the gifford pinchot national forest? Planning on hiking silver star mountain and wanted to make sure it is open.
  8. flash2pablo

    Cherokee Rollover on I5

    I just received a picture of a rollover that just happened about an hour ago on I5 at milepost 16 near La Center. Looks to be a 91-96 White cherokee lifted about 6" with about 35's on it. Crunched the driver side pretty good. I don't recognize the rig, but hope it isn't anyone on here...
  9. flash2pablo

    Ujoint part number

    I am looking for the correct part number for the front axle ujoints in my d30. My jeep is a 98 cherokee upcountry. I bought one at autozone which was the wrong part with too small of a cap. Now the one they replaced it with seems to be to wide front center to the cap.
  10. flash2pablo

    Local Glass shops in Vancouver

    I need to have the windshield in my Cherokee replaced this week, it has a crack on the driver side and has a gash on the passenger side. Anybody have experience with a local place that does a good at a decent price? I will be calling around today, but thought you guys might know of some good...
  11. flash2pablo

    Stuck on Lolo Pass Rd

    Ok first off, I am not stuck, my brother decided to go solo up on Lolo Pass. In his stock 96 cherokee... Low and behold he is stuck, I don't hae exact location yet, but he estimated they treked aout 2 miles to 26 to get cell reception. I am headed up there leaving from Camas in 5 minutes. I...
  12. flash2pablo

    NO start issues.....then start fine. Let me explain.

    I have a 1989 Jeep Comanche. 4.0 Renix, 5speed, 4x4. About two week ago, i went out to my jeep to leave work and it would crank and crank and crank, but no start. I couldn't understand what the issue was. I turn the key and you can hear it pressurize. So i was thinking well if the starter is...
  13. flash2pablo

    Ignition issues

    Ok, I just purchased a 96 cherokee. It has a problem with the ignition. Currently if you place the key in the ignition and turn it, you can turn it all the way to the start position with no resistance but it does not start. The only way to start the jeep is if you use a screw driver to wedge...
  14. flash2pablo

    WTB: MJ rear bumper and Rock Sliders

    I am looking for a MJ rear bumper and Rock sliders. I would prefer an aftermarket bumper, but I am having a hard time finding a manufacture who makes them and is currently producing them. I would be open to someone making me one. If nothing else I would take a factory bumper in at least "ok"...
  15. flash2pablo

    WTB XJ Rockrails Any type

    I am in need of a set of rockrails, I am looking to do a lot of wheeling this summer and I would like to protect the rockers. I don't care about any specific brand, price is the determinative factor. I have looked into having some built but would prefer being able to pick some up. Please PM...
  16. flash2pablo

    wtb -Quick dissconnects

    I am in need of quick disconnects very badly. I snapped one of my stock connections a few weeks ago and it is getting scary driving around. I have 5.5" of lift so I probably need something that will fit 4.5-6.5" of lift. Please PM me with what you have..... Thanks, Paul
  17. flash2pablo

    WTB (4) Wheel Spacers.... 4.5 lug to 5.5 lug

    Like the title says I am looking for four wheel spacers. I need to find some to convert my current 5 on 4.5 lug pattern to 5 on 5.5 lug pattern. Please PM me if you have some you will sell or know where some might be available. So far the only place i can find them is Quadratech. Thanks!
  18. flash2pablo

    WTB (4) 4.5 lug to 5.5 lug spacers....

    Just like the title says. I am looking for 4 of these spacers. Please let me know what you have or if you know where i can get any....The only place i have found them so far is Quadratech and I would prefer buying some from a fellow jeeper. Thank!
  19. flash2pablo

    31/10.5/15 Destination MT's with 10 hole Pacer 15x8 Rims

    They are 5 on 4.5 for Wrangler, cherokee.... (4) 31/10.5/15 Destination Mud Terrains (4) Pacer 10 Hole 15x8 Wheels I believe backspacing is around 3.5"-4" I would prefer to sell together unless someone makes a good offer on one of them. They are Mounted and Balanced, very even wear on the...
  20. flash2pablo

    2000 & 1989 Factory Service Manuals

    I have two sets of Factory Service Manuals. One for my old 2000 and one for my current 1989 cherokee. I am looking to get $75 plus shipping for either set. The 2000 set has some wear and a some oil smudges, but is still in very usable shape. The 1989 is in good shape. I can take...