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  1. splitz

    AW4 Troubleshooting

    When it is over 80 degrees outside, my '97 (with a '98 AW4 w/90k -ish miles) downshifts at highway speeds after I have been driving 45-60 minutes. My RPMs go from 2500 to 4000, and will peg if I am not careful. I release the gas, then it eventually downshifts. It does not seem to happen when...
  2. splitz

    Finalizing WJ Knuckle Swap Plan

    Okay, I think I've got my parts down: Here are my questions: 1. What am I forgetting? 2. What's wrong with my plan?
  3. splitz

    It's time to play, name that sound!

    Listen past the engine noise to the not quite clicking, not quite gurgling, and not quite knocking sound. It is most prominent when I am on an incline and it speeds up with higher RPMs. Any ideas?
  4. splitz

    VHT Niteshade & Clear marker lenses

    Has anyone used Niteshade on clear marker lenses? If so, then how many coats did you use? I am using high output LEDs for the lights, so I figure I can do a bit darker than if I were using stock bulbs and lenses.
  5. splitz

    97 Stalls after reaching 210 degrees

    I am having some trouble with my 124k mile 4.0 AW4 XJ. Here are the symptoms: 1. Have to hold accelerator after starting or it will stall 2. Once warm, I can release the accelerator 3. Drive for 20-30 minutes and the oil pressure drops at idle 4. Stalls at idle, will not immediately restart...
  6. splitz

    WJ Knuckle Swap & Wheel Size Question

    I noticed that there are some problems with some wheel sizes when swapping in WJ kuckles, AKEBONO style calipers, and doing OTK steering. I am currently running 33x12.5" tires on 15x10 Cragar Ds that have 4" of back spacing. . Do I need to get bigger wheels?
  7. splitz

    Recommendation for a shop in NOLA

    I am transferring to Marine Forces Reserve, and I am contemplating bringing my busted up XJ. It needs a lot of TLC, but the one thing beyond my capabilities is replacing the transmission (I tried and ended up stripping one of the inverted torx bolts). Anyway, if I bring it down there, then...
  8. splitz

    Throwing in the towel, I'm in over my head

    My XJ has been sitting for almost four years waiting for me to come back to VA and give her some TLC. I figured if I could turn a wrench, then I could dodge, er I meant replace a transmission. Anyway, after much internal deliberation I have decided that as long as the transmission needs...
  9. splitz

    Removing Engine and Transmission

    I have found instructions on removing just the transmission, but can you remove both the engine and transmission as one unit? I ask because: 1. I will be removing them both anyway 2. My long arm kit makes removing the transmission "fun"
  10. splitz

    Overhead Console Bracket

    Does anyone know of a good alternative to the overhead console part number 55352518? Ironically reported this part discontinued a while back, and didn't grab it when I traded in the old XJ during the cash for clunkers program.
  11. splitz

    Professional liner vs DIY

    I did search, but didn't find anything current, so I figured I'd bring this question up to see if anyone has had any new experiences. I Hurculined my last XJ, but felt even with 3 coats it was a bit thin. This time I'm thinking of professional liner, but that is looking like a VERY expensive...
  12. splitz

    Lift stuff in Stafford, VA

    I can provide installation "facilities," tools, and assistance/guidance for any of the items. All of this stuff came of either my old XJ or "new" XJ RE Drop brackets and Braces Drop Brackets Braces $200 for the set RE Superflex Lower Control Arms Superflex joint could use tightening. I do not...
  13. splitz

    Frame Stiffener Bake Off

    I've done some homework with frame stiffeners, and I've come to probably the same conclusion everyone here does. There are basically 3 vendors that are resonable and are NAXJA sponsors: HD Offroad 10 Gauge Pre-drilled (like, a lot) Extend from the LCA mount to the to the front of the rear...
  14. splitz

    Jeep Swap

    Thanks to the CARS program I now have a reason to get an XJ with power windows, power locks, cruise control, and AIR CONDITIONING! I found a 97 XJ Country for $2,900, and I'm now in the process of swapping all of my stuff over. Here's the list, I've added some detail in parentheses so you...
  15. splitz

    Wicked Cool Idea -> Diff Camera

    I wasn't going to put any audio/video electronics in the jeep, but after seeing this, I just might. Diff Camera
  16. splitz

    O2 Sensor Second Opinion

    I'm pulling a: P0138 O2 Sensor Circuit High Volts Bank 1 sensor 2 P0141 O2 Sensor Heater circuit malfunction Bank 1 sensor 2 I did some searching and found some people had this problem with their drive shaft shearing the O2 sensor wires. I checked mine and they seem to be in good order. So...
  17. splitz

    ARB Locker Oil

    I'm about to have my lockers installed, and when to Autozon, Advanced, and Walmart to find one of the ARB recommended lubricants: Shell Diff Oil SAE 90 Mobil Mobilube GX90 Shell Spirax HD 85W-140 Mobil Mobilube GX140 What are acceptable alternatives? I know the TJ Rubicon lockers require a...
  18. splitz

    XJ Dana 44 Q

    I had a very productive day at the pick and pull: 87 XJ Dana 44 V8 ZJ tie rod Denso 56027913 136 amp alternator My buddy picked up: V8 ZJ Coils XJ Leaf pack So my question now is are all Dana 44s created equal? With all the complications for axle swaps, it seems too easy to just get an...
  19. splitz

    97+ Brakes Upgrade

    I've done some searching, and I'm looking for a definitive answer. Do 97+ XJs benefit from the ZJ brake booster and proportioning valve upgrade? I thought they already had the dual diaphragm booster. What can I do to help me stop? I have new shoes in the back, and my pads are pretty...
  20. splitz

    CB External Speaker

    Is the external speakers like these mearly 8 ohm speakers that are terminated on a 3.5mm plug? I want to put the external speaker in my overhead console using a good 5.25" 8 ohm mid range with a speaker grill Here is my artistic rendition.